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Insane Forza Horizon 4 glitch lets players break speed records

Published: 22/Oct/2020 12:38 Updated: 28/Oct/2020 10:22

by Kieran Bicknell


Forza Horizon 4 has been around for a while now, but players are still finding new (and hilarious) glitches on a regular basis. In this case, you can utilize the non-stop train that traverses the map to break speed records, as one Reddit user discovered.

Similar to that seen in GTA V, the train that traverses the Forza Horizon 4 map is unable to be stopped. Try as you might, nothing is getting in the way of the steam locomotive and its train as it crisscrosses the Horizon world.

Despite its inability to be stopped, that doesn’t mean the train is a totally useless feature. One Reddit user – CarBoy0001 – discovered that the force of the unstoppable object can actually be put to good use.


Posting to the r/ForzaHorizon subreddit, the video shows a hilarious glitch that makes use of the train to hit insane speeds.

FH4 Train
YouTube: GameRiot
The train seen in Forza Horizon 4 is a replica of the famous ‘Flying Scotsman’ locomotive.

Forza Horizon 4 train glitch

With their Koenigsegg parked on the edge of one of the numerous rail bridges on the map, the player lies in wait for the train to arrive.

Once the train does turn up, instead of merely shunting the car gently out of the way, it glitches the game with hilarious consequences.

I knew the glitch was gonna be wild but not this much from r/ForzaHorizon

When the train connects with the rear 3/4 of the Koenigsegg, it sends the car flying across the map. Not only does it do this, but also makes the players’ car break a number of speed ‘records’ in the process.


The video shows the Koenigsegg flying through the air at 700km/h (434mph) while traveling an incredible distance across the map. In real life, this would significantly break the current speed record for a production car of 316mph.

“I knew the glitch was going to be wild” said CarBoy “but not this much.” Seemingly surprised by their results, the train glitch has been replicated a number of times by YouTubers; Why not give it a go next time you play?