Impressive Last of Us mod brings Bella Ramsey to life in the video game

The Last of Us mod headerYouTube: Speclizer

A brand new mod for The Last of Us Part II imagines what it would be like to play through the game with a version of Ellie that looks exactly like Bella Ramsey, the actor who plays the character in the HBO TV adaptation.

HBO’s new series The Last of Us is already a major hit for the service. Beyond having a well-received pilot episode, the second episode broke HBO records for the most growth in viewership from the first to second episode in a TV show, ever.

One aspect of the show that has had both critics and fans singing their praises of is the casting choices. Particularly that of Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie. For Ramsey, this support comes off the back of months of criticism from the gaming community about her not being right for the character.

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However, it appears she has been able to silence the naysayers, with one modder even creating a new feature in which gamers can play through The Last of Us Part II with a version of Ellie that looks much more like Ramsey.

The mod was first posted on Twitter by Speclizer, the account captioning the modded footage by giving those who helped their credits. “Big thanks to @Vontadeh for making the model and @smasher248 for his tools!”

The minute-long video cuts through multiple cutscenes from the first game, all of which have changed Ellie’s face model to look much more like Bella Ramsey. The full video clocks in at just under four minutes long and features the modded Ellie in many of the most heart-wrenching and pivotal cutscenes in the sequel.

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Time will tell if the creators come out with more content or even with an actual playable version of the mod. However, we’ll be sure to let you know if and when this does happen.

The Last of Us is currently airing on HBO. For all the latest TV and movie content, be sure to check out Dexerto’s full coverage here.