Immortals of Aveum: Release date, platforms, cast, everything we know

Immortals of Aveum cinematicAscendant Studios / EA

Immortals of Aveum has finally been revealed in full, as Ascendant Studios is on track to deliver a wholly original, magic-oriented FPS. So from a rundown of how it all works, to a preview of the game’s ambitious narrative, here’s everything you need to know.

As the debut project from Ascendant Studios, a team comprised of veteran developers with experience across the board on gaming’s all-time great shooters like CoD, Halo, and Borderlands, Immortals of Aveum looks set to take the genre in a new direction.

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Replacing traditional guns with spells, and trading out a traditional militaristic setting for a fantastical, otherworldly backdrop, the upcoming game steps into bold new territory. For those on the fence about jumping in, there’s quite a lot to wrap your head around.

From a richly crafted universe filled to the brim with lore to a range of unique gameplay systems and visuals to comprehend, it can certainly seem overwhelming. So to get you caught up ahead of its release, here’s a full overview of all there is to know about Immortals of Aveum.

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Immortals of Aveum cinematicEA / Ascendant Studios
Immortals of Aveum is the ambitious debut project from Ascendant Studios.

Immortals of Aveum: Release date

Immortals of Aveum has locked in a July 20, 2023 release date. Given this target was announced just a few months prior, on April 13, it’s safe to assume the dev team is quite confident in hitting the mark. So it’s unlikely we’ll see any unexpected delays this close to launch.

However, the gaming industry is always prone to surprises, so we’ll be sure to update you here should that change.

Immortals of Aveum: Platforms

Immortals of Aveum is set to release across PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, and PC through Steam, the Epic Games Store, the EA PC application.

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This means last-gen console hardware is out of the picture, as devs have specifically honed their efforts on newer rigs instead. And given the intense particle effects and detailed visuals present in early gameplay, there’s a good chance this one isn’t ported backward down the line.

Immortals of Aveum: Characters & cast

The sprawling narrative of Immortals of Aveum is bolstered by a star-studded cast of Hollywood stars, some of which are making their video game debut, while others you may recognize from other, perhaps eerily similar roles in the space.

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Headlining the batch is none other than Gina Torres as General Kirkan, the leader of the Immortals, a group comprising the most powerful Battlemages. While a popular actor from her years in Firefly, Suits, and The Matrix, she’s also prominent in the gaming space for her role as Ikora Rey in the Destiny franchise. Players assume the role of Jak, a newer recruit under Torres’ lead, voiced by Darren Barnett.

Immortals of Aveum cinematicEA / Ascendant Studios
Gina Torres voices the leader of the Immortals, a commanding role that will be all too familiar to Destiny 2 players.

Mixing it up among the group we find even more renowned actors of which, you can find below with a full look at everyone confirmed for the Immortals of Aveum cast thus far:

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  • Gina Torres – General Kirkan
  • Darren Barnett – Jak
  • Antonio Aakeel – Devyn
  • Lily Cowles – Zendara
  • Steven Brand – Sandrakk
  • Yvonne Senat Jones – The Hand

Immortals of Aveum: Trailers

Teaser Trailer

Reveal Trailer

Immortals of Aveum: Story details

At its core, Immortals of Aveum is about the ‘Everwar,’ a seemingly unending conflict that’s raged on for generations. This ceaseless battle between ‘Aveum’s two most powerful kingdoms,’ is contested over the control of ley lines, what are described as ‘huge conduits of magical power.’

Picking up at a crucial time in this battle, Jak, our protagonist, evolves into a battlemage after growing up powerless, then joining forces with the Immortals to fend off the looming threat of Rasharn. Leading the assault is Sandrakk, a key villain backed primarily by a second in command referred to only as ‘The Hand.’

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Exactly where this narrative goes from there, and who emerges from the Everwar victorious, if anyone, is something we’ll have to unravel through what’s teased as a 25+ hour game.

Immortals of Aveum gameplay: A magic-infused FPS

So we know what Immortals of Aveum is about and who’s in it, but what exactly are we doing in the game? Well, pushing us forward through the epic fantasy story is an explosive FPS loop, one that simply trades in authentic firearms for battlemage spells instead.

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As a Triarch, Jak is able to manipulate all three types of magical power found throughout the land of Aveum. By alternating through these powers, we can fire off a range of unique abilities that in some respect, mirror the actions of weapons you might be familiar with from other FPS titles. One form of magic might replicate the effects of a shotgun blast, for instance, while another may serve as a fully-automatic weapon, tracking down targets like a Needler from Halo.

Immortals of Aveum cinematicEA / Ascendant Studios
The qualities of CoD shine through in Immortals of Aveum, though with a far more original flair.

Jumping from one combat sequence to another, however, is just one part of the flow. Breaking things up, players will find a balance of Metroidvania-esque exploration and even puzzles to boot, ones that require magical prowess to complete. So it’d be wise not to go in expecting a 25-hour corridor shooter from start to finish.

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So there you have it, everything we know about Immortals of Aveum thus far. We’ll be sure to update you here as any further details emerge ahead of its release. But in the meantime, feel free to brush up on some other upcoming titles as 2023 rolls on:

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