Immortals: Fenyx Rising sequel will reportedly feature Polynesian setting

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Ubisoft’s Immortals: Fenyx Rising was a success when it came out in 2020, and now it looks like a follow-up is on the way, reportedly based on “Polynesian culture.”

Immortals: Fenyx Rising was a massive, open-world title centered around Greek mythology as young Fenyx takes advice from the sage gods and even fights them in some cases. Its gorgeous, sprawling world was much-loved, and it seems like a sequel could be on the way.

Leaks are pretty much to be expected in the modern era of gaming and one of the driving forces of this practice is industry insider Jeff Grubb.

He has been responsible for a number of leaks and rumors, a large portion of which have turned out to be correct. Grubb has now outed another potential new game in the pipeline, and it’s new content in Ubisoft’s Immortals universe.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising sequel on the way?

Information and insider gaming gossip are regularly discussed on the weekly “Jeff Grubb’s Game Mess” podcast.

On the most recent edition of the show, Grubb talked about Ubisoft doing another game to succeed Immortals: Fenyx Rising as the Zelda: Breath of the Wild-inspired title performed very well.

“Ubisoft Quebec sequel to Immortal: Fenyx Rising is not a proper sequel, it’s more of a spin-off, in the same way, the production name of the game is called Oxygen, you’re a hero, a guy or a girl, because Ubisoft, it’s based on Hawaiian-Polynesian culture this time around.”

Grubb continued: “[There] will still be a God narrator, they will still try to be visually stylized but less of a copy of Breath of the Wild. They [Ubisoft] talk about a visual reboot, it’s in early pre-production, I’ve seen some concept art, and it’s coming maybe in 2025.”

Grubb clarifies that he’s reading this information from a source and doesn’t believe it’s one of the canceled Ubisoft projects following in the footsteps of Splinter Cell VR, Ghost Recon Frontline, and more.

As we alluded to earlier, the biggest criticism of Immortals: Fenyx Rising was the game’s identity or lack of it. Few games have delved into Polynesian territory before, so it’ll be interesting to see how Ubisoft includes the culture, as well as its biggest gods: Kane, Kanaloa, Hikule’o, and more.

It borrowed quite heavily from Breath of the Wild, which isn’t a bad decision considering how highly regarded that game is, and having a reported sequel try to reinvent itself could finally give the franchise some individuality.