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Iconic clips from banned Twitch streamers like DrDisrespect, Ice Poseidon & more

Published: 29/May/2021 23:11

by Charlotte Colombo


A YouTube video from channel ‘Top Kek’ has gone viral after it revisited some of the most memorable moments for popular Twitch streamers who have since been permabanned from the platform.

The video, which is aptly titled ‘Clips From Permanently Banned Twitch Streamers You Can’t Watch Anymore’, has amassed over 600,000 views since being posted on May 16.

Because of the way Twitch works, once a user is banned, people are no longer able to view past clips from that user’s channel. This means that following a ban, memorable clips and moments from a user’s past streams are near-impossible for other users to find.


This new vid has become a hit with viewers because it gives them the chance to look at some of the best moments of now-banned streamers like Ice Posedion, Dr Disrespect, Phantoml0rd and Gross Gore, among others.

Phantom L0rd, who recently won a lawsuit against Twitch contesting his ban, is one of the streamers featured in the video.

The video includes hilarious moments such as Dr Disrespect farting in response to a business offer and Phantoml0rd’s live expletive-filled rant live after losing a game of Fortnite.

There are other more uncomfortable moments shown in the video that these streamers would probably rather stay hidden, such as the moment Ice Posedion’s friend reacts to a racist song he shows him and when Gross Gore starts going into explicit detail about his sex life while uncomfortable viewers looked on.


Other banned streamers whose clips are included in this video include Hyphonix, Anything4Views, Protozero3, G4mergirl533, HelenaLive, ‘Asian Andy’, Brittany Venti, LeaHerring, ‘Mexican Andy’ and Brandon Hampton.

YouTube: Top Kek
Dr Disrespect, who was banned from Twitch in January this year, is another one of the streamers who are involved in the video.

There has always been confusion and scrutiny about Twitch’s moderation system and the reasons they ban streamers, but the pressure on Twitch to clarify their process has increased as of late.

Users have been on edge since the DMCA drama in October last year, which saw many creators on the platforms including NICKMERCS and TimTheTatan receiving DMCA takedown notifications.

As well as this, the platform’s TOS change in December, which banned the use of words like ‘simp’ and ‘virgin’, left many users scared that they’d end up getting banned after breaking rules unintentionally.


With Phantoml0rd winning a lawsuit against Twitch in April this year, wherein he received over $20,000 in damages after claiming the reasons Twitch gave for his banning were “unsubstantiated,” many users are hoping that this will make the platform more transparent before issuing more controversial bans in the future.