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How to watch Dr Disrespect’s Midnight Society #DayZero live event

Published: 14/Mar/2022 21:40

by David Purcell


Streaming star Dr Disrespect is bringing the same violence, speed, and momentum to his official video game studio, Midnight Society. With a AAA battle royale game confirmed to be in development, a preview event has finally been confirmed. 

The most optimistic Doc fans were left rallying the troops for a potential game teaser on March 14, as the Two-Time and Midnight Society studio doubled up on Twitter to deliver cryptic teasers.

Members of the Champions Club don’t exactly know what’s coming yet, with just a hashtag (#DayZero) to go off.

However, a date and time have been set for what’s been dubbed the first “live event” of Midnight Society’s short history. He’s calling it an “Arena Takeover”.


The existence of a studio and its first major project was confirmed back in October 2021, with the banned Twitch star advertising for a spot on the team using the Champions Club website. That post, of course, was for a Gaming Studio Head.

Fast forward five months and it is already driving up the hype for a live preview, so let’s make sure you don’t miss it.

First Midnight Society event confirmed by Dr Disrespect

On March 14, Dr Disrespect told his viewers to “stand by” for new information.

How to watch Dr Disrespect’s first Midnight Society preview event

Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect’s Midnight Society is about to drop its first major teaser – but will it be for his game or just the studio?

Start date and time

The first Midnight Society live event starts on March 15 at 10 AM (PT), 12 PM (CT), 1 PM (EST). 


This will be streamed live on Doc’s YouTube channel, embedded below for your convenience.


Watch along using the following live YouTube countdown link: 

How to join Midnight Society’s Discord

To follow Midnight Society more closely, and stay in the loop with news announcements, Dr Disrespect has invited fans to join a new Discord server.

You can join by accepting the public invite here.