How to unlock Signature Andrew McCutchen in MLB The Show 21

. 11 months ago
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A new month is now here and MLB The Show has added a new reward for players completing a certain amount of Daily Moments. This time around, it’s Signature Series Andrew McCutchen! 

MLB The Show’s 5th Inning Program has now been released, and this time around we are in store for some of the best cards we’ve seen in Diamond Dynasty this year. With an ample amount of rewards within the event, players will have some new cards to earn for their lineup.

Besides the Inning Program, there are also other ways to earn cards to improve your squad, and one of the easiest ways to do so is the Daily Moments program. Every day, San Diego Studios implements new challenges for players to partake in, with the ultimate reward of a Diamond special edition card.

So, here’s how you’ll be able to unlock Signature Andrew McCutchen!

San Diego Studio
Milestone Nolan Ryan was the first card announced for the 5th Inning Program!

What are daily moments in MLB The Show 21?

These fresh challenges reset are, most of the time, centered around events that happened in real life or historic moments from legends of the game.

Along with the Diamond card for completing these moments, players will also be able to earn other rewards such as the following.

  • Space packs
  • Player evolution packs
  • Headliner packs
  • Regular packs

Every day, you’ll earn Daily Moment points for completing these missions and from time to time San Diego Studios will reward players with double daily moments!

How to get Signature Andrew McCutchen

San Diego Studio
Players will also have another Diamond player choice pack during the 5th Inning Program!

Players will need to earn a grand total of 25 daily moment tokens in order to unlock Signature Andrew McCutchen, and that’ll take players around 15-25 days depending on how many double Daily Moments SDS adds.

We’ll be sure to keep a close eye on the Daily Moments over the course of August, as we’re sure there’s going to be some tricky ones players will have trouble with!

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