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How to unlock every class in Tribes of Midgard: Berserker, Hunter, more

Published: 5/Aug/2021 17:32

by James Busby


From the grizzled Berserker to the tanky Sentinel, Tribes of Midgard is home to plenty of classes that can give you and your party an edge over the incoming Helthing threat. 

Tribes of Midgard pits up to 10 players against a never-ending wave of deadly creatures and colossal Jotunn giants. Defending your village doesn’t come easy and you’ll need to craft the best armor, weapons, and defensive structures if you wish to keep your village safe. One of the best ways to ensure your success is to unlock the game’s best classes. 

There are currently a total of eight classes available in Tribes of Midgard, but only two are unlocked by default. If you wish to unlock the game’s remaining archetypes, you’ll need to complete a series of challenges. Some of these can be rather difficult to achieve, but with the right team and some perseverance, you’ll unlock all of them in no time. 


All classes in Tribes of Midgard


Ranger Tribes of Midgard

As the name suggests, the Ranger class utilizes their mastery with the bow to cut down their foes with lethal ranged attacks. The Ranger is unlocked right from the start, enabling any player to pick up and play. 


Warrior Tribes of Midgard

The Warrior also requires no challenges to be completed. This versatile fighter excels at obliterating enemies with both axe and sword swings. Warrior is capable of unleashing a flurry of speedy attacks, giving you the edge needed to quickly cut through the nightmarish hordes. 


Warrior Tribes of Midgard

Guardian is unlocked defeating 3 Jotnar in a World via Saga mode. Felling these colossal bosses may seem tricky at first, but if you party up with some friends or multiplayer allies, then you should be able to quickly take them down. 


Be sure to begin looking for the Jotnar as soon as it enters the map as the earlier you begin fighting it, the more likely you are to succeed. Having a high power level weapon will also ensure you have the DPS needed to make a dent in even the tankiest Jotnar, so make sure you upgrade your gear. 


Seer Tribes of Midgard

Seer is unlocked by using the Bifrost to exit 10 Worlds via Saga Mode. This is arguably the easiest class to unlock as you can either make a new World and exit each time or simply acquire the Seer as you progress. 


As the archetypal healer class, the Seer can give your allies the lifesaving heals they need to carry on fighting – an area that is incredibly important in the late game when enemies begin hitting incredibly hard. 


Hunter Tribes of Midgard

Hunter is unlocked by activating all the Shrines in a World via Saga Mode. Shrines are incredibly important in Tribes of Midgard as they enable you and your allies to fast travel across the map. These stony structures are scattered throughout the map and appear in each of the game’s different biomes. 

Simply begin trekking through the map and follow the roads until you reach a nearby Shrine, then activate it to set up a warp point. Consider mapping out the entire map in the early game, as taking long expeditions in the late game can quickly lead to your base being overrun. 



Berserker Tribes of Midgard

Berserker is unlocked by defeating 20 enemies in 10 seconds in a World via Saga Mode. This may seem rather difficult to achieve at first, particularly during the first few days where Helthing spawns are relatively low. 

Instead, focus on leveling up any weapon that has an AoE ability. Wait for the Helthings to spawn and have them all enter your base and unleash your AoE ability to kill them all in one fell swoop. 

If done correctly, you should be able to unlock the Berserker within the 10 second time limit. 


Sentinel Tribes of Midgard

Sentinel is unlocked by blocking 25 attacks in 10 seconds in a World via Saga Mode. Simply equip a shield and use the same method for unlocking the Berserker. Once you have a large cluster of enemies heading towards you’re base, simply obstruct their path and put up your shield. 


The enemies will then begin clawing at your shield, so hold down the block button until you complete the challenge. 


Warden Tribes of Midgard

Warden is unlocked by surviving beyond Day 15 in a World via Saga Mode. This can be pretty tricky if you’re not prepared, but if you level up your base, weapons, and have the necessary resources this shouldn’t be a problem. 

We recommend upgrading your archer nests to level three and maxing out your village’s gates. Once you’ve prioritized these defenses, simply begin upgrading your weapons and armor, then proceed to hunt down the Jotnars that walk the overworld. 

Provided you have a good team with decent communication, you should be able to stave off the hellish hordes. 

So, there you have it, every class in Tribes of Midgard and how to unlock all of them. Once you have unlocked all the classes, you’ll be able to experiment with various builds and strategies.