How to unlock all courses in Mario Golf Super Rush

Mario Golf Super Rush All CoursesNintendo

There are a variety of exciting courses to take on in Mario Golf Super Rush, but avid golfers might be left wondering how many there are and how they can unlock them all.

Super Rush takes Nintendo fans back to the world of golf once again. It’s the seventh installment in the Mario Golf series, which spices up the classic sport with special powers, crazy obstacles, and of course, a big roster of Super Mario characters.

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While all of those playable characters will be available from the get-go, the lineup of Mario-themed golf courses that range from the sandy deserts of Balmy Dunes to the fiery Bowser Highlands will need to be unlocked.

Fortunately, unlocking all of these six courses isn’t actually that difficult. It will take you some time, but overall, there’s nothing too challenging here.

How to unlock all Mario Golf Super Rush courses

There are six courses in Mario Golf Super Rush, and this is how to get them all:

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Golf Course How to Unlock
Rookie Course Unlocked at the start
Bonny Greens Unlocked at the start
Ridgerock Lake Complete 18 holes on Bonny Greens
Balmy Dunes Complete 18 holes on Ridgerock Lake
Wildweather Woods Complete 18 holes on Balmy Dunes
Bowser Highlands Complete 18 holes on Wildweather Woods

As you can see, there aren’t any difficult challenges to complete or goals to reach in order to unlock all of the courses Mario Golf Super Rush has to offer. Instead, you’ll likely unlock them through everyday play.

There is another way to get access to these courses: playing Golf Adventure. This is Super Rush’s single-player story mode, and you’ll be able to unlock all of the courses as you go by playing through it.

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Here’s how to unlock golf courses by playing Adventure Golf mode:

Golf Course How to Unlock
Rookie Course Unlocked at the start
Bonny Greens Unlocked at the start
Ridgerock Lake Clear the Ridgerock Lake Challenge
Balmy Dunes Clear the Balmy Dunes Tournament
Wildweather Woods Clear the Wildweather Woods Escapades
Bowser Highlands Clear Summitting Mount Snow

Of these two methods, completing 18 holes on each course will definitely be the quickest way. But if you’re already planning on completing the Golf Adventure mode, then focus on unlocking them that way.

How to unlock New Donk City in Mario Golf Super Rush

Mario Golf New Donk CityNintendo
New Donk City is coming soon!

Nintendo fans may remember that the trailer for Mario Golf Super Rush also featured a course based on New Donk City from the critically-acclaimed Nintendo Switch title, Mario Oddysey.

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It’s strangely absent from the game at launch, but there is a valid reason. Nintendo confirmed at E3 that New Donk City will be added to Super Rush as post-launch DLC, although there’s no release date yet.

The good news? New Donk City will be free for anyone who already owns Mario Golf Super Rush! Unlike other Nintendo titles such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, there’s no need to pay for this DLC.

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