How to solve Deathloop cassette puzzle and complete Afternoon Delight quest

Daniel Megarry. Last updated: Sep 15, 2021
Deathloop Cassette Puzzle
Arkane Lyon

Solving Deathloop’s cassette puzzle is essential if you want to complete the Afternoon Delight quest and figure out a way to eliminate both Fia and Charlie at the same time.

As you make your way through the various Visionary Leads in Arkane’s latest hit Deathloop, you’ll come across puzzles that need to be solved before you can reach (and eliminate) the eight Visionaries that keep Colt trapped in the loop.

One of these Visionary Leads is called Afternoon Delight, and it requires you to figure out a way to eliminate both Fia and Charlie in the same location and at the same time of day. To do this, you’ll need to solve the cassette puzzle.

Where to find Deathloop’s cassette puzzle

Deathloop cassette puzzle location

After finding a photo of Fia and Charlie and uncovering the true nature of their relationship (spoiler: they’re lovers), you’ll need to make your way to the location that’s in the photo to gather more intel on the two Visionaries.

Head to Fristad Rock in the afternoon, and when you leave the tunnels, go through the passage to the right and sneak past the guards down to the shore. Walk across the ice to the left and follow it around until you find the door with ’09’ printed on it.

When you enter, you’ll find a complicated machine blocking your way – this is the cassette puzzle. To enter Fia and Charlie’s hideout, you’ll need to press four cassettes in the right order, but you can’t do that yet. First, you need to solve the cassette puzzle.

How to solve Deathloop’s cassette puzzle

Cassette Puzzle

Next to the cassette machine is an ‘Order of Operations‘ book that gives you the combination to a safe in Karl’s Bay (remember that codes are unique to each player in Deathloop). The safe is located at the entrance to the Yerhva, Queen of Riddles machine.

Head there in the evening and unlock the safe to find a note with the actual instructions to solve the cassette puzzle: Four clues to finding Pictograms painted by Fia. Start the day again, and head to Fia’s bunker in Fristad Bay at noon.

Fia’s bunker (or studio) is heavily guarded with Eternalists, and if Fia realizes you’re there, she’ll set off the reactor’s self-destruct sequence. You’ll need to use stealth, so use silent weapons to take out enemies and the Aether Slab to go invisible.

There are four Pictograms to find based on the hints you found, and just like the safe combinations, they’re unique to each player. We’ve got a guide to all of the Pictogram clues and their locations, so check that out and then come back here.

How to unlock the cassette puzzle machine

How to solve Deathloop Cassette puzzle

Once you’ve found all four of Fia’s Pictograms, you’ll have the information you need to complete Deathloop’s cassette puzzle. Return to their hideout at Fristad Bay in the afternoon and once again approach the cassette machine.

There’s a blueprint to the right of the cassettes which features the symbols from Fia’s Pictograms. It’s a bit confusing at first, but if you follow the arrows and compare them to your Leads then you should be able to figure it out.

Hit the cassettes that match the Pictograms in the order they’re listed, and you’ll unlock the Pumping Station, which is where Fia and Charlie have been having their secret meetings.

Once inside, briefly explore Fia and Charlie’s hideout and you’ll discover a way to take them both out at the same time. Now you’ve finished this Visionary Lead, check out more Deathloop guides right here.