How to sign up for UFC 5 closed beta

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EA Sports is set to roll out a closed beta for the upcoming UFC 5 game. Here’s a look at how MMA fans can sign up for the event.

The UFC 5 development team for the franchise will give interested MMA fans, as well as others, a chance to try the game before it’s fully released.

EA Sports is set to release a closed beta for the new UFC game in the near future. Per EA, this beta will selected individuals the chance to test online play and everything else that will be offered in the build.

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Here’s a look at how to sign up for the closed beta.

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UFC 5 closed beta details

To sign up for the UFC 5 closed beta, interested individuals will need to first go to EA’s official website.

From here, sign in with an active EA account and then choose a desired platform. The options for the closed beta include the PlayStation 5 (North America or Other Regions) and the Xbox Series X|S.

EA states that registration for the UFC 5 closed beta does not guarantee access to the work-in-progress build of the game. The description on the website indicates that selected individuals will receive a code for the event in late August via e-mail.

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Be mindful, however, that this is a closed beta and not the final version of the game. Also, one should know that there are rules regarding streaming the beta or sharing images.

Sharing screenshots and video of the beta on social media or anywhere else is against the terms of the beta and could lead to one’s removal from the test.

As far as a release date for the full game, we don’t have a date as of this writing. However, EA Sports did promise in July 2023 that an announcement on new information for the title will come during the month of September.

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