How to play offline in V Rising: LAN mode & solo play

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V Rising has quickly become one of the most popular games across Steam & Twitch in just a matter of days, leaving many people wondering how to play V Rising offline with LAN mode and play solo.

The ARPG survival game V Rising has seemingly blown up overnight, instantly becoming the hottest vampire game on the scene.

While the game is typically played in an online setting, players are curious if they can play online and how to go about booting up the game without an internet connection.

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Here’s everything you need to know in order to play V Rising completely solo.


V Rising console releaseStunlock Studios
V Rising is developed by Stunlock Studios.

How to play V Rising offline

There are just a few small steps you need to take in order to play V Rising offline.

Follow these steps in order while still connected to the internet:

  1. Open Steam.
  2. On the top left click Steam, then click Go Offline.
  3. Now you can disconnect from the internet.

Proceeding with these steps will allow you to then boot the game in Steam’s Offline mode.

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v rising

How to play V Rising LAN mode

Playing V Rising in LAN mode is quite simple. Here are a few steps to get you playing with LAN mode enabled.

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  1. If hosting a local server, start the server in LAN mode by using the checkbox in the UI, or, start the server with the “-lan” parameter.
  2. If connecting to a LAN server, check the “LAN Server” box in the Direct Connect to Server window, or use the “ConnectLan” command.

Following these steps should get you on the right track to either hosting or connecting to a LAN server in V Rising.

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