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How to play Kanye West’s ‘Heardle’ song guessing game

Published: 6/May/2022 19:20

by Bill Cooney


Worlde might not be on top of the internet anymore, but a clone called ‘Heardle’ is still going strong, and there’s an option to exclusively guess Kanye West songs. Here’s how to play it.

For a few months, you couldn’t go anywhere online without seeing Wordle pop up. Now the hype has died down for the word game somewhat, but, a similar song-guessing game called ‘Heardle’ is still going strong.

Like the game that inspired its name, Heardle is all about guessing a specific word. However, instead of just a random, five-letter word, Heardle has users guess the names of songs based on just a few seconds of hearing them.


How to play Kanye West Heardle

Unlike Wordle, there is no limit to the number of characters you can use.

There are multiple versions of Heardle. There’s a general game, where any song by any artist could be being played, and artist-specific versions, like one for Harry Styles, and yes, Kanye himself.

If you want to try Kanye’s Heardle, you can either Google “Kanye West Heardle” or click the link right here. Once you’re on the page, the game can finally begin.

So, how does Heardle work? You start with just one second of a song playing. If you can guess it from just that clip, then game over, you’ve won! However, in most cases, you might need a little more help.


You can guess randomly, or skip. Both of these options will unlock another second of the song clip.

Are you a true Kanye aficionado? Heardle will really test your knowledge.

If that doesn’t help, you can keep guessing or skipping, to unlock a total of 16 seconds of the song.

Just like Wordle, once you solve the puzzle, you can share your results with friends on social media.

So, think you know your Kanye tracks better than anyone else? Time to load up Heardle and see for yourself.