How to play Back 4 Blood Open Beta early access

Alan Bernal
back 4 blood
Turtle Rock Studios

The Back 4 Blood Open Beta window is live with players looking at how to access the early build for Turtle Rock Studios’ highly-anticipated spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead. Here’s how to get into the Back 4 Blood beta.

While there’s still a while to wait before B4B’s official launch on October 12, 2021, the studio is giving eager fans a couple of ways to try it out.

Even though one method involves outright pre-ordering Back 4 Blood, which we’ll still outline below, you can skirt that method to get into the Open Beta for free.

Back 4 Blood Open Beta early access

Back 4 Blood Beta times, schedule, dates

The Back 4 Blood Open Beta will run from August 12 at 12 PM PST / 3PM EST to August 16 at 12 PM PST / 3PM EST.

There is a separate Early Access window that precedes the open beta that started on August 5 at 12 PM PST / 3PM EST to August 9 at 12 PM PST / 3PM EST.

How to get Back 4 Blood Open Beta Early Access

You can get into the B4B Early Access to the open beta by simply preordering the title, which Turtle Rock Studios made it convenient to do on their site.

If you don’t want to cash in so early on B4B, you can try your hand at creating a Warner Bros Games account for a chance to gain early access.

Twitch Drops

Claim your access to the Back 4 Blood open beta.

The Open Beta servers will once again open up, but the second window will give a lot more people a chance to experience the zombie shooter.

To get access via Twitch Drops, you’ll need to create a Warner Bros Games account, which you’ll then have to link to your Twitch account.

Back 4 Blood Twitch Drops steps

  • Make a Warner Bros. Games account
  • On Warner Bros Games., go to Account Settings
  • Click ‘Connect’ to like your Twitch account
  • Watch a Back 4 Blood stream for 60 minutes that has Twitch Drops enabled
  • Once you get a B4B Twitch Drop, claim it via Twitch Drops homepage
  • Go back to your WB Games account setting and enter the B4B beta code

It’s similar to inputting the pre-order code, if that’s the way you want to go.

There’s not much time to get into the Back 4 Blood Open Beta, so get in to try out the game before its launch later in October.