How to make Life element in Little Alchemy: Combinations & recipes

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Little Alchemy is the little blessing that can keep you occupied for hours. Its large selection of weird and wonderful elements are there to be discovered, but one popular element is leaving players puzzled – the Life element.

Recloak managed to take the most simple concept of dragging two or three items together and turned it into a fun creation game that’s had well over 10 million downloads!

Players in Little Alchemy start out with a basic set of elements and quickly start experimenting and concocting to see what they can make. Eventually, you’ll start mashing your way through the game’s 500+ elements, and you’ll start to become a bit stuck with some of the more complicated ones.

The Life element is one of those, and fortunately, we have the solution for you to create it.

little alchemy ingredientsRecloak
Little Alchemy has tons of combinations for you to find.

Little Alchemy Life element guide

Life is one of the game’s ‘later’ elements as you’ll have to gather and create a slew of other ones to have the right ingredients first. We’ll list every other element you’ll need to make and own first before you can combine the necessary ones together to get Life.

You will need the ‘Energy’ and ‘Swamp’ ingredients to make Life, and here’s how to make them.

How to create Energy element

Energy is a simple science one here as you’ll just need to mix Air and Fire. Doing so will reward you with the Energy element.

How to create Swamp element

Next up is Swamp, an unconventional but vital part of the overall recipe.

  1. Firstly, add Water to Earth and you’ll have created Mud
  2. Next, take a pinch of Air and slap it together with Water to make Rain
  3. Now, combine Earth with Rain and we now have Plant
  4. Finally, it’s time to stick Plant with Mud, leaving you with Swamp

How to create Life element

With both Energy and Swamp in your inventory, simply pair them together, and watch as you defy your High School teachings to create Life in a whole new way.

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