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How to level your 5th Inning Program fast in MLB The Show 21

Published: 1/Aug/2021 20:52

by Nick Farrell


Getting a head start on the new 5th Inning Program within MLB The Show 21 is going to be a good bet, as you’re going to want to obtain all the rewards available for free this time around. 

A new Inning Program within MLB The Show 21 is one of the best ways for players to earn free cards and rewards to boost their Diamond Dynasty squad to compete in online Ranked Seasons and other games modes.

With the release of the 5th Inning Program on July 30, there’s been a ton of ways for players to pick away at the monumental amounts of XP you’ll need to earn in order to unlock the Boss Cards at LVL 25.


We’re going to run over some handy tips and tricks that you can use in order to easily level up your Inning Program.

San Diego Studio
Players will also have another Diamond player choice pack during the 5th Inning Program!


The loveable game mode is back yet again, as San Diego Studios has released a new Conquest playlist titled “Roman Numeral V” in light of the 5th Inning Program being released.

This Conquest shouldn’t take you too long, and there are some hidden rewards in the form of packs and Stubs hidden on certain territories. As well, a large amount of the XP you gain from this will be boosted because it’s directly associated with the 5th Inning Program.


Ranked Seasons and Battle Royale

bryce harper
San Diego Studio
Bryce Harper is one of the rewards this season for going a flawless 12-0 in BR!

XP is king when trying to rank up your 5th Inning Program, and some of the best ways are to simply play the game. Whether it comes in the form of three-inning Battle Royale games, or full nine-inning Ranked matches online, you’ll earn plenty of XP for simply playing these games.

Furthermore, your performance in these games is going to boost the amount of XP you earn at the conclusion of it. Hitting more HR’s or striking out more batters are some of the premier ways to earn a little bit extra XP.

Topps Now and Daily Moments

Last but not least, these weekly and daily missions are often neglected by ordinary MLB The Show players, as at first glance, there isn’t much incentive to complete them all. But, not only will you be able to unlock incredible cards for free, the XP is rampant just for completing certain tasks.


All the challenges are either played on Rookie or Veteran difficulty, making it immensely easier to complete these tasks as opposed to playing against opponents on Hall of Fame or All-Star.