How to invite friends in Guilty Gear Strive

My and Sol in Guilty Gear StriveArc System Works

Playing fighting games by yourself is cool, but playing and getting good with your friends will always be more rewarding. Here’s how to invite friends in Guilty Gear Strive. 

Guilty Gear Strive continues to attract more attention as a game that players feel has hit all the right notes with its community. 

Arc System Works implementing Rollback Netcode into the latest entry into the Guilty Gear franchise has shown that they are committed to making Strive an excellent experience for the long term. 

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And with this positive outlook from the devs and more DLC on the horizon through the forthcoming debut of season 2, the player base continues to grow as more fighters join the fray.

As new players join the battle in Guilty Gear Strive, we know how many fans would be looking to invite their friends to play and use the great Rollback Netcode. So here’s everything you need to know to invite your friends to Guilty Gear Strive. 

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All the characters in Guilty Gear Strive Arc System Works
Guilty Gear players will be able to create their own rooms and invite friends.

How to invite friends in Guilty Gear Strive 

Finding out how to properly invite your friends in Strive can be a bit confusing if you’re new to the lobby and menus. Here’s a detailed look at how to invite your friends in Guilty Gear Strive:

  • Proceed to the Main Menu and select the Network option.
  • Select Player Match and then choose “Create Your Own Room” to create a private room for you and your homie. 
  • Select the match settings that you want.
  • When asked about room accessibility, select “Specific.”
  • After finalizing your private room, you will be presented with a unique Search ID Code
  • Take the code mentioned above and send it to your friend. Your friend will then use this code to search and find your private room and join your match
  • Once your friend is in your room, select “challenge to a battle” to start the match.
  • If you join your friend, you need to input their code in the search field and join their room. 

And that’s it! If done correctly, you will be able to join your friend’s rooms and vice versa. Have fun and train hard.