How to get Xbox Game Pass for cheap on PC

Brent Koepp

Microsoft‘s Game Pass was officially announced for PC at E3 2019. With over 100 titles, the Netflix-style service is massively popular. Here’s how you can get it for extremely cheap.

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Game Pass first launched in June 2017 for the Xbox One game console. It quickly became a hit with fans as it was the first subscription service on console to offer a Netflix-style library for players to choose from. 

At E3 in June 2019, the major publisher announced that they were bringing the service over to PC.  For a limited time starting August 17, Game Pass has dropped in price. Here are the details.

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How to get Game Pass for cheap

Usually priced at $4.99, the monthly subscription cost has been given an 80% price drop, and is now $1. The three month subscription that normally goes for $14.99 has a limited time price of $4.99.

While Microsoft’s site doesn’t specify when the price drop will end for the single month, it does say ‘17 days left’ by the three month subscription. It should also be noted, the site lists it as an “introductory price” which means those already with Game Pass shouldn’t be able to stack it on to their current sub. 

Pixabay / Microsoft
Snap the deal up quick.
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While Xbox One has over 250 games due to the inclusion of Xbox and 360 titles, the PC version still boosts over 100 titles currently. Considering it only costs a dollar to try the service out, it’s a lot of games to have access to for cheap.

Some of the most noteworthy games currently on the Game Pass are Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 4, Sea of Thieves, and Metro Exodus. It should also be pointed out that the Pass also offers you a discounted price on the games that are not included.

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It works similarly to Netflix, except you aren’t streaming and you can download the titles. But it’s works the same way in that the subscription gets you access to a library that gets updated.

Like the popular streaming service, Game Pass cycles out older titles, but will constantly update and add new games to the library. Microsoft will also often add its latest AAA published titles, making it a great way to not pay $60 for new games. 

Pixabay / Microsoft
Game Pass gives PC players access to over 100 titles.
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The deal is a great option for newcomers to the Microsoft service to try out games they’re on the fence about purchasing.