How to get rare Gullwing car in Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion has arrived and as with any open-world title, there’s plenty of secrets to uncover across the map. One of which is a rare Gullwing vehicle that’s definitely worth taking for a spin.

Watch Dogs Legion’s inner-city London environment is magnificent to explore. From Kings Cross Station to the London Eye, the game’s presentation of London’s iconic landmarks is stunning.

Exploring the game’s spectacular city landscape is best when you’re doing inside a vehicle to match. Well, YouTuber AR12Gaming has discovered a rare Gullwing car that’s impressive to look at as well as drive. Let’s check out how you can get your hands the vehicle.

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Where to find Gullwing in Watch Dogs

Getting your hands on the car is a lot easier than you would expect, it’s just a case of locating it.

The Gullwing vehicle can be found at the Palace of Westminster. To be more specific, in the small gated car park attached to the side of the building. Once inside the car park, it’s just a case of finding the vehicle and trust me it’s hard to miss.

Check out AR12Gaming’s video below which shows him finding and driving the vehicle.

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The vehicle itself has an extremely long body that gives off a futuristic Mercedes type appearance. The white paint job just adds to its sophisticated and unique look. There’s no doubt this is the perfect car to tour around the Legion map.

Westminster location in Watch Dogs Legion: Gullwing spawn

For those who don’t know what it is, or haven’t been there just yet, the area below is where you want to look.

It’s these hidden gems that make open-world games so exciting to uncover. For more guides and Watch Dogs Legion news, stick with us here at Dexerto.

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