How to get No Man’s Sky Twitch drops

No Man's Sky frontiers updateHello Games

In celebration of No Man’s Sky Update 3.6, which introduces the new Frontiers event and Cartographers Expedition, players will be able to earn Twitch drops by watching NMS streamers. 

Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky has just unveiled its new Frontiers event, where players are tasked with taking control of their own Alien settlement and fighting off Sentinels in the process.

Introducing a massive overhaul to the game’s systems, graphics and combat gameplay, avid players are flocking to the title’s interstellar universe to breath in all of this new content.

In tandem with the new release, players will also be able to claim Twitch drops by watching set time allotments of streamers with the No Man’s Sky tag. So, here’s when you can bag yourself some treasures, as well as how to connect your No Man’s Sky to your Twitch.

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No Man's Sky new nebula graphicsHello Games
These spectacular new vistas have also been added as part of Update 3.6.

When can you claim No Man’s Sky Twitch drops?

No Man’s Sky’s Twitch partnership will run from Thursday, September 9, to Monday, September 13. Between these dates, at 6AM PST / 9AM EST / 2PM BST every day you’ll be able to claim a whole collection of cool new gear.

You’ll be able to claim them for up to 24 hours after watching, and can collect them from the Quicksilver store aboard the Space Anomaly.

No Man’s Sky Twitch drops

Day 1

Time Watched  Reward
15 mins Fireworks
15 mins Ha! Gesture
15 mins Blue Jetpack Trail
30 mins Pet Movement Tracker
30 mins Apollo Decal
1 hour First Spawn Battle Mask
2 hours P. Sheptefalae Companion
3 hours A-Class Shuttle

Day 2

Time Watched  Reward
15 mins Fireworks
15 mins Distant Gaze Gesture
15 mins Stealth Starship Trail
30 mins Archaic Habitation Heater
30 mins Anomaly Decal
1 hour Mercury Visage
2 hours V. Pentaamqum Companion
3 hours A-Class Fighter

Day 3

Time Watched  Reward
15 mins Fireworks
15 mins Disbelief Gesture
15 mins Chromatic Starship Trail
30 mins Silver Astronaut
30 mins Hand of Approval Decal
1 hour Iteration: Cronus Visage
2 hours J. Croconakeum Companion
3 hours A-Class Hunter

Day 4

Time Watched  Reward
15 mins Fireworks
15 mins -Null- Figurine
15 mins Red Jetpack Trail
30 mins Expanding Cube Gadget
30 mins Nada Decal
1 hour Iteration: Selene Visage
2 hours G.Oestridinzeus Companion
3 hours A-Class Explorer

Day 5

Time Watched  Reward
15 mins Fireworks
15 mins Hazard Decal
15 mins Green Jetpack Trail
30 mins Silver Atlas Statue
30 mins Polo Decal
1 hour Iteration: Helios Visage
2 hours Z. Falynascria Companion
3 hours Silver A-Class Fighter

To take a little look at all the cosmetics on offer, check out the official No Man’s Sky website.

How to connect your No Man’s Sky to Twitch

In order to claim all of these amazing rewards, you’ll need to have you Twitch account connected to your No Man’s Sky.

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If you’ve already set up a Twitch account, then here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit the No Man’s Sky Twitch setup website.
  2. Sign in with your Twitch account.
  3. Once signed in, then choose your native platform using the three buttons below.
  4. Sign in with your respective ID.
  5. Sit down, feet up, and watch some Twitch!

So that’s how to claim Twitch drops for No Man’s Sky! Be sure to check out our dedicated NMS page for all of the latest news!