How to get more coins for gear in Mario Strikers Battle League


If you’re wondering how to get more coins in Mario Strikers Battle League, here are the best ways to quickly stock up on them so you can purchase more gear.

Mario is finally back on the ball in Mario Strikers Battle League for Nintendo Switch, with plenty of familiar faces like Peach, Rosalina, and Bowser joining him for some chaotic football action.

While each character has unique stats that decide their strength, speed, shooting, passing, and technique abilities, you can also purchase gear to modify these attributes with buffs and nerfs.

To stock up on gear, though, you’ll need coins. Below, you’ll find out how to get more coins fast in Mario Strikers Battle League, as well as information on how to spend them.

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Gear purchased with coins in Mario Strikers Battle League

How to get more coins in Mario Strikers Battle League

There are a number of different ways to get coins in Mario Strikers Battle League:

  • Visit the Gear Settings menu for the first time to get 400 coins.
  • Complete the Training Match to get 800 coins as a reward.
  • Work through the various Cup Battles and receive 400 coins for each one.
  • Win matches online for around 20 coins per win.

The best way to get coins is definitely to complete the Training Match. We have a feeling lots of players will miss this option, as it’s hidden at the end of the Training menu, but you’ll get a huge 800 coins for taking part.

You’ll also get 400 coins for finishing each of the Cup Battles, which are a bit like tournaments you can play offline, but the reward won’t be quite as good if you decide to play through them a second or third time.

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Your final option to get coins is to win online matches against other players, although the amount you’ll get is quite slim. For reference, we earned 20 coins for winning a match.

Rosalina wearing turbo gear in Mario Strikers Battle League

What are coins used for in Mario Strikers Battle League?

Coins are only used to purchase gear in Mario Strikers Battle League, so don’t worry about saving them for anything else. Each piece of gear only costs 100 coins, so you should be able to kit out your favorite characters quite easily.

There are five sets of gear that you can purchase for your players: Muscle gear boosts strength, Turbo gear boosts speed, Cannon gear boosts shooting, Chain gear boosts passing, and Trick gear boosts technique attributes.

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While it’s tempting to get a full matching kit, we would generally recommend against this; Each buff comes with a nerf to another skill, so you’ll end up with a team that’s heavily weighted in one area but lacking everywhere else.