How to fix Disney Dreamlight Valley Stitch level 10 quest not working

Disney Dreamlight Valley stitch quest not workingDisney / Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley players are finding that their Stitch level 10 quest is not working, meaning fans can’t complete the whole friendship questline. Here’s how to fix it so you and Stitch can quickly become best friends.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is still in its early access stage, meaning there’s likely to be a variety of bugs, and therefore a variety of patches as the developers rush to fix any issues as they make the game complete. One such problem many fans are experiencing is their Stitch level 10 quest not working.

Many are reporting the quest not becoming available once they reach level 10 friendship with the new addition and are therefore not able to complete the character. While you can still explore the festive Star Path, new recipes, or the other added characters in the Toy Story update, it can be frustrating to be halted on your quests.

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So, we’ve got details on how you can fix Stitch’s level 10 quest so you can get on with saving Dreamlight Valley.

Disney / Gameloft

How to fix Stitch’s level 10 quest not working

There is no fix because the Stitch level 10 quest is not broken. This is the last of the character’s hidden requirements and will require players to be patient when reaching the highest level of friendship with the adorable Stitch.

His final hidden requirement is to make players wait one day to fully unlock the last friendship quest. Therefore, players will need to reach level 10, wait a day, and come back. Once you do so, the quest should be unlocked and available to play.

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If your Disney Dreamlight Valley Stitch level 10 quest is still not working, then it’s likely the problem has been reported and a fix will be sent out soon. Keep an eye out for a patch or report the problem to Gameloft if you’re finding the quest unobtainable.

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