How to go fishing in Terraria

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There’s an abundance of side quests and activities for players to do in Terraria that’ll be great for leveling up your character, along with making some additional cash. But fishing is a great way to do both! 

Originally released on PC, Terraria has premiered on multiple platforms such as most consoles and even on mobile devices, and the game has been going from strength to strength over the years, as there’s a ton of content for players to dive into.

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Terraria draws drastic comparisons to Minecraft, simply due to the many forms of blocks, and activities players can partake in throughout the game.

One of these side ventures is fishing, and if you don’t know how to use this mechanic within Terraria, we’ve got you covered.


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Players will be able to fish in a wide array of biomes.

How to fish in Terraria

If you’re looking to dive into fishing, there’s going to be some requirements beforehand that you’ll need to meet in order to begin this activity. First, you’re of course going to need a fishing pole, which can be crafted or purchased through NPCs within the game.

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Some of the basic poles will only require 8 Wood or for the Reinforced Fishing Poles, you’ll need to gather 8 Iron Bars. Once you’ve obtained a Fishing Pole, venture around the map until you find a body of water, but, make sure there’s enough water for you to cast your line.

Now that you’ve found a bed of water that has enough tiles for you to fish in, you’re going to want to follow the below steps in order to fish.

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  1. Craft a Fishing Pole if you don’t already have one
  2. Equip it via the in-game menu
  3. Use your Mouse 1 to cast the line
  4. When the bait starts to move in the water, pressing the Mouse 1 button again will reel the line up
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Fishing can net you a wide array of rewards within the game.

Fishing rewards, prizes, more

Fishing is a great way to earn some additional loot within Terraria, as not only will you be able to complete quests given to you by the Angler NPC. But, some of the items you’ll be able to fish out of the water will be bountiful for your inventory.

Below is a quick list of some of the items you’ll be able to obtain via fishing!

  • Potions
    • Endurance, Mana, Calming and others can be caught
  • Food
    • Fish, Shrimp, and other consumable items
  • Crafting items
    • Jellyfish can be used for crafting other items within the game

Be sure to take advantage of some of the prospers you’ll be able to snag via fishing in Terraria, as you never know what you’ll find when casting your line.

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