How to earn gold extremely fast in Cult of the Lamb: Full guide to getting rich quick

Cult of the Lamb earn gold guideMassive Monster

Gold is vital in Cult of the Lamb as almost every building requires it and most transactions depend on the shiny currency. So if you’re looking to get rich in quick order, here’s what you need to know.

Regardless of whether you’re building new lumbermills or placing various decorations around camp, gold is essential for just about everything in Cult of the Lamb. Therefore, you’ll need plenty at the ready to keep on top of things before the chaos truly sets in.

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There are plenty of ways to go about earning gold, but some methods are far more effective than others. While you could spend time on crusades in hopes of scavenging a pocket full of coins, there are other tricks to help boost your earnings substantially.

So if you’re stumped and looking to get rich quick in Cult of the Lamb, here’s how you can start earning huge amounts of gold in no time.

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Earning gold fast in Cult of the Lamb

Selling fish to make a pretty penny

Early on in Cult of the Lamb, the most efficient way of earning gold is by selling valuable resources. While building materials and seeds for your farm are vital to success, rare fish can be sold off without thinking twice.

The most effective way to go about it is by triggering the Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty. Not only does this ensure more fish will appear when you cast a line, but it also guarantees rare fish will spawn in over the two-day stretch.

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Cult of the Lamb selling items for goldMassive Monster
Rare fish can net 20 Gold at a time in Cult of the Lamb.

Prepare some meals to keep your followers happy while you’re gone, trigger the Ritual, then go fishing for two days straight. By the time you return, you’ll be loaded up with potentially hundreds of fish, some of which can be sold for up to 20 gold each.

Making your followers pay up

As you progress through Cult of the Lamb, you can soon demand gold from your followers. With the right Doctrines in place, you can chat to each of your cult members for one gold each. This proves to be a time-consuming process, however, so let’s speed things up.

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By unlocking the Ritual of Enrichment, you’ll very quickly amass more gold coins than you know what to do with. If you’re in the double-digit follower count, triggering this Ritual will see hundreds of coins added to your stash in just a matter of seconds.

Cult of the Lamb Ritual of EnrichmentMassive Monster
The Ritual of Enrichment is a game-changer in Cult of the Lamb.

Better yet, if you unlock the divine inspiration to reduce Ritual cooldowns by 50%, you can effectively spam this gold-earning effect every few days. Just be sure to follow up with a positive Ritual soon after to counter the -20 Faith effect.

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Don’t forget about Gold Nuggets

As a final tip on getting rich in Cult of the Lamb, it’s worth remembering that gold nuggets exist. While it’s easy to overlook these fragments of wealth, they can be an extremely valuable resource in the right hands.

Cult of the Lamb consecrate goldMassive Monster
With upgraded stations, you can consecrate up to 50 gold coins at a time.

By setting up multiple workstations to consecrate resources, you can turn these nuggets into full-fledged coins. A batch of seven nuggets converts to five coins which, at a glance, doesn’t seem all that great. But with multiple stations loaded up with 10 batches in the queue, you’ll quickly be smelting hundreds of coins in no time.

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