How to disable game bar on Windows 10 to maximize performance

by Brad Norton


Have you noticed your PC slowing down when trying to play some of the latest releases? Here’s a simple trick you can employ to boost your performance.

Some of the most recent PC games can be quite demanding on your hardware, even when trying to run on the lowest possible settings.

Rather than forking out the cash to upgrade your gaming rig, here’s a quick and easy trick that you can use to get much more out of your gaming experiences.

In an October 14 post from content creator Natali ‘ZombiUnicorn’ Casanova, a nifty trick was discovered that can drastically boost gaming performance on Windows 10 PCs. 

Simply opening the settings app from the Start Menu, navigating to the gaming section and disabling the automatic recording option will supposedly reduce the strain on your video game hardware.

4A Games - Metro Exodus
4A Games - Metro Exodus
Like walking through a work of art, Metro Exodus is a recent example of a highly demanding game when the settings are maxed.

“Everything is running much more smoothly now & I had no idea this was even on,” she explained in her post. 

Installing Windows 10 on any given PC will evidently come with certain settings and presets enabled by default, however this automatic recording function appears to have been doing more harm than good.

Similarly, disabling the ‘game mode’ function in the Windows 10 settings will also assist performance, as the operating system automatically attempted to find the best settings. Targeting a “more stable frame rate” and disabling driver installations while mid-game according to the official Microsoft support post. 

Not only will these simple setting tweaks bump your gaming performance, but if you happen to stream your gameplay you’ll be happy to hear that “alerts & overlays are much cleaner and run more smoothly.”

Whether it’s Witcher 3, Crysis 2, or Metro Exodus pushing your PC to the absolute limits, these incredibly easy changes should see an uptick in performance across the board.

Disable them on your own gaming rig and test out your favorite titles to hopefully see the adjustments in effect.