How to defeat Moreau in Resident Evil Village

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Resident Evil Village’s swamp is home to Moreau, one of Mother Miranda’s most stalwart supporters. Here’s everything you need to know about this swamp-dwelling creature and how you can beat it. 

Resident Evil Village is home to plenty of terrifying characters, but perhaps the most visually repulsive is that of Moreau.

This pitiably ugly creature may look rather unimposing when you first meet it, but just like Lady Dimitrescu, he is hiding a horrifying secret. Moreau’s blind devotion to Mother Miranda enables this meek creature to carry out unspeakable acts.

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This fleshy abomination is the third boss you’ll encounter on your quest to rescue Ethan’s daughter, Rose. However, defeating him can prove particularly tricky if you don’t come prepared. Fortunately, we have a few tips that will help you put an end to Moreau’s madness. 

How to defeat Moreau in Resident Evil Village

Tip 1: Use explosives

Moreau boss fightCapcom
The grenade launcher makes particularly short work of Moreau.

While Moreau’s mutated form may completely cover his original body, explosive fire will force the beast to open its jaws. This will reveal Moreau’s feeble body, giving you a few seconds to unload shotgun rounds to his face and chest. 

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Make sure you’re constantly on the lookout for any red barrels that have been conveniently dotted around the arena. Not only will these barrels explode and deal massive damage when shot, they’ll also help you conserve your ammunition. Once Moreau walks within range, simply use your pistol to blow up the barrel and begin shooting his body once again.

Tip 2: Take shelter

Moreau boss fightCapcom
Make sure you find some shelter during Moreau’s acid rain attack.

One of Moreau’s most devastating attacks is his acid rain move, which sees the four-legged beast jump atop the wooden huts and spews out waves of deadly droplets. This rain will quickly melt through Ethan’s health, so make sure you duck into cover whenever Moreau unleashes this attack. 

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These sheltered areas are marked by the yellow pipes, so make sure you duck underneath and wait until Moreau jumps back down into the arena. The attack may only last for a few seconds, but it can lead to a frustrating death if you’re not careful. 

Tip 3: Break the gunk walls

Moreau walls Resident Evil VillageCapcom
These glowing green walls can make avoiding Moreau’s attacks tricky.

If acid rain wasn’t bad enough, Moreau is also capable of summoning gigantic fleshy walls that can force his foes into unfavorable situations. These walls can prove particularly nightmarish when you’re trying to find shelter from Moreau’s acid attacks. 

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Finding yourself at a dead end with nowhere to run can lead to a grizzle death, you’ll want to constantly break them with a quick shotgun blast.

Tip 4: Replenish your ammo

Resident Evil Village items menuCapcom
Make sure you’re stocked up on ammo.

Between constantly breaking Moreau’s gunk walls and throwing out explosives to reveal his humanoid body, you’ll naturally begin to run out of ammo. Fortunately, the arena has plenty of ammunition and items that you can use to craft more lethal rounds.  

If you still find yourself struggling to find enough ammo, then consider purchasing some from Dutch before re-entering the arena. 

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So, there you have it, that’s everything you need to know about defeating Moreau in Resident Evil Village. Be sure to check out our Resident Evil page for all the latest news and guide content.

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