How to defeat Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil village tall vampire ladyCapcom

Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu is an enigma and an instant fan-favorite, but how exactly do you kill the game’s tall vampire lady in her final form?

Resident Evil’s larger-than-life lady has the whole internet excited and now fans can finally get to see her more gruesome side. Just like past Resident Evil villains, Lady Dimitrescu actively wanders the dimly lit corridors in search of her prey. Her insatiable thirst for blood means she’ll stop at nothing until she has Ethan firmly within her grasp. 

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Searching through Castle Dimitrescu for the four mask locations is creepy at the best of times, especially when you’re being pursued by Lady Dimitrescu. She’s one of the most fierce bosses in the game, along with Moreau, Beneviento, Angie the Doll, and more. 

While the Dimitrescu daughters can be defeated with relative ease, the tall vampire lady requires a little more than just sunlight to beat. 


Can Lady Dimitrescu be killed in Resident Evil Village?

Lady Dimitrescu and her daughtersCapcom
Lady Dimitrescu can make short work of the Ethan if you’re not careful.

Lady Dimitrescu can be killed in Resident Evil Village, though players will have to pick their spot because she’s not vulnerable at all times. So, that’s where some of our top tips come in.

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Once you’ve completed the game’s introductory sections and made it inside Castle Dimitrescu, you’ll finally be able to explore the castle in all its glory. While Resident Evil Village’s 9’6” tall terror won’t stalk you to begin with, the defeat of her daughters will cause her to go into a mad fit of rage. 

It’s here where Lady Dimitrescu shows off her true colors. Not only will she relentlessly pursue Ethan, but she’ll also constantly roam the castle’s corridors in search of her newfound prey. Unfortunately, if Dimitrescu sees you, there is very little you can do except run. Conventional weapons can’t actually hurt her and she’ll just shrug off any bullets.

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As a result, you’re best off conserving your ammunition and saving it for the other threats that roam the castle. 

How to beat Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village

  1. Collect the four masks from Dimitrescu Castle.
  2. Locate the human form of Lady Dimitrescu.
  3. Hit headshots on the human form.
  4. Collect more ammo by breaking crates.
  5. Use Pipe Bombs to complete the boss fight.

Lady Dimitrescu final form boss fight tips and weaknesses

Lady Dimitrescu final form Resident EvilCapcom
The final form of Lady Dimitrescu is enough nightmare fuel for one day.

Tip 1: Collect the four masks in Castle Dimitrescu

While Lady Dimitrescu’s early invincibility may prove as frustrating as it is terrifying, the larger-than-life character can be beaten. In order to kill her though, you’ll need to track down Resident Evil Village’s four masks. If you’ve yet to obtain these masks, then make sure you check out our handy location guide right here. 

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Once you’ve obtained the four masks, simply place them into the corresponding statues and head through the unlocked door. This will lead you out to an old tomb where you can obtain a special knife that will stop Lady Dimitrescu’s regenerative powers. 

After a brief cutscene, you’ll be able to finally fight the mutated version of the game’s leading Lady. Despite the beast’s hulking size, this four-legged mutation is pretty easy to handle. Not only is it incredibly slow, but Dimitrescu’s human form can be seen poking out of the monster’s back. 

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Castle Dimitrescu Capcom
Lady Dimitrescu’s final form boss fight takes place atop the castle’s towering rooftop.

Tip 2: Lady Dimitrescu weakness, headshots

It’s this part of the final form body that is incredibly weak to gunfire. Simply equip yourself with either your pistol or shotgun and begin to unload rounds into Dimitrescu’s head, taking care to avoid the monster’s claw swipes. Whenever the mutant takes to the skies, pull out your sniper rifle and aim for Dimitrescu’s head.

A well-aimed shot will cause her to shriek out in pain and force the mutant down onto the ground. Once on the ground, simply loop around the rooftop arena and wait for the monster to attack. Upon successfully avoiding both the claw swipes and bone-crunching bites, fire off a barrage of shotgun and pistol rounds on her human body.

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Tip 3: How to get more ammo

If you run out of ammo, then break the crates that are dotted around the arena and use your crafting materials to make more.

Simply rinse and repeat this until you enter the boss fights final phase. During this section, Lady Dimitrescu’s final form will force Ethan into an enclosed section atop one of the Castle’s towers. 

Crystal Dimitrescu itemCapcom
The reward for killing Lady Dimitrescu will net you plenty of Lei.

Tip 4: Make Pipe Bombs

Despite the lack of space, the monster’s attacks are incredibly easy to avoid if you simply remain at the very back of the room. Pipe Bombs will make short work of this section, so consider making some and throwing them below the beast. If you don’t have any explosives, then the shotgun is once again your best friend. 

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After you deliver the final blow, you’ll be sent crashing down into the castle below. Upon Dimitrescu’s defeat, she also drops a crystalized version of herself (Crystal Dimitrescu), which can be sold to Dutch for a sizeable sum of Lei. 

So, there you have it, that’s everything you need to know about defeating Lady Dimitrescu and her final form in Resident Evil Village. Be sure to check out our Resident Evil page for all the latest news and guide content. 

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