How to defeat Beneviento & Angie the Doll in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Beneviento & Angie Boss GuideCapcom

Without a doubt, Resident Evil Village’s creepiest boss fight is Donna Beneviento and her doll Angie. With no weapons to assist you, it’s one big and deadly game of hide-and-seek.

Capcom’s latest entry into their iconic horror-survival franchise, Resident Evil Village, introduces players to the four heads of houses that watch over the titular village: Dimitrescu, Moreau, Heisenberg, and Beneviento.

These four enemies act as Village’s boss fights and have their own domains filled with puzzles you’ll need to explore in order to find them. The most unique is Donna Beneviento and her nightmarish doll Angie, who play mind games on protagonist Ethan Winters.

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Once you’ve made it all the way up to House Beneviento, you’ll have to solve an intricate puzzle involving a mannequin of Ethan’s wife Mia then escape from a terrifying giant baby intent on eating you alive, all before you can finally take on Beneviento.

Can you kill Donna Beneviento in Resident Evil Village?

Resident Evil Village Donna BenevientoCapcom
Beneviento’s doll Angie is the creepiest enemy in Resident Evil Village.

Donna Beneviento hides in the shadows for most of Resident Evil Village. Instead, you’ll be facing off against her doll Angie, who gives Child’s Play villain Chucky a run for its money in the ‘creepy dolls brought to life’ category.

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When you’ve completed the puzzle involving the mannequin of Mia and restored power in the basement of House Beneviento, you’ll be able to take the elevator back upstairs. It’s here that Donna Beneviento finally appears, and she won’t let you leave without a fight.

Unlike the other boss fights of Village, you won’t have any weapons to help you out. Instead, you’ll be playing hide and seek with Angie while avoiding her killer doll friends. Here’s where to find her in each stage of the boss fight in order to take her down.

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Where to find Angie & Beneviento in Resident Evil Village

Stage 1

Resident Evil Village Beneviento 1Capcom
Angie’s first location in Resident Evil Village.

After Angie taunts you to come and find her and floats out of the room, you’ll need to follow her through the door in front of you. Immediately turn left and head up the stairs, then follow the corridor around to the second door.

Enter this room – marked as the Guest Room on the map – and you’ll see Angie slumped over on the ground. She may look harmless right now, but try to pick her up and she’ll take a bite out of Ethan’s hand. Ouch.

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Fortunately, Ethan has a pair of scissors on hand to stab the doll with. She’ll fly off with a maniacal laugh, and it’s time for another round of hide and seek.

Stage 2

Resident Evil Village Angie 2Capcom
Angie’s second location in Resident Evil Village.

Leave the Guest Room and head back down the stairs, past the creepy portrait of Beneviento and her doll. Turn right and go back into the main living room, with the table full of vibrating dolls at the center.

Angie can actually appear at various locations in this second stage of the boss fight, but so far it’s always been in this room. She might be behind the bookcase as seen above, or she could be next to the sofa.

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Pick her up, and get another solid stab in before she flies off. Side note: don’t be tempted to try the front door at this point, as you’ll be met by a flurry of sharp blades courtesy of Angie’s possessed doll friends.

Stage 3

Resident Evil Village Angie 3Capcom
Angie’s third location in Resident Evil Village.

You’ll now have one final search for Angie. This time, she’s right back at the elevator where you remerged from the basement moments ago.

Following an unsettling cutscene, Ethan will kill Angie the doll for good – and you don’t need to worry about Beneviento still lurking around, as her dead body will also appear on the floor alongside Angie.

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You’ll be rewarded with a new key part to create the Four-Winged Unborn Key, allowing you to proceed through the game. You’ll also get the Legs Flask to continue on your journey to find Ethan’s daughter Rose.

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