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How to claim Riders Republic Prime Gaming reward drops

Published: 8/Dec/2021 18:09

by Andrew Highton


Prime Gaming has joined forces with another popular title, this time it’s Riders Republic. Fans of the sports game can claim a load of fun goodies and here’s how to claim Riders Republic Prime Gaming drops.

Riders Republic is a mega-diverse sports game that tests your ability out in different disciplines. From snowboarding to skiing to mountain biking, Riders Republic wants you to excel on a diverse selection of terrains.

Prime Gaming have teamed up with the game to deliver awesome rewards for players of the game.

Here’s everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Gaming’s Riders Republic loot drops and what you can potentially add to your collection.



player skiing in riders republic
Cool cosmetics can only help your already crazy experience with Riders Republic.

How to link your Ubisoft account to Prime Gaming

In order to start reaping the extra benefits of Prime Gaming rewards, you’ll need to have an active Amazon Prime membership. If not, sadly you won’t be able to participate in this promotion.

If you’re all sorted on the Prime side of things, then it’s time to link your Ubisoft account to Prime Gaming. It’s extremely straightforward, and all you have to do is:

  1. Follow this link
  2. ‘Sign in’ with the Ubisoft Account you want to claim the rewards on
  3. You’ll now be taken back to Prime Gaming to redeem your free items!

How to get Riders Republic Prime Gaming rewards

Once again, it’s really easy to claim the free drops. Simply follow the simple instructions that give you below to get them.

  1. Go to the Prime Gaming website and scroll down until you get to ‘Riders Republic’
  2. Ensure you are signed into your Prime Gaming account
  3. Click October’s reward
  4. Now select ‘Claim’
  5. Log into Riders Republic
  6. The Elphy Outfit will be available in your inventory via the “Customize” menu
  7. Helicopter Tickets can be found and used in the mountain view via the “Helicopter Drop” button

prime gaming rewards for riders republic

Riders Republic Prime Gaming Rewards: December

It’s the most wonderful time of year, and especially for Riders Republic fans! December brings the Elphie Bundle to hopefully enhance your Riders Republic journey.


As of November 30, players will be able to receive:

  • An outfit
  • In-game title
  • 10 Helicopter Tickets

That’s everything we know about the Riders Republic Prime Gaming drops! Make sure you check back every month to stay ahead of the game.