How to claim Hearthstone Prime Gaming reward drops (May 2022)

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Hearthstone getting Prime Gaming rewards
Blizzard Entertainment

Hearthstone is receiving Prime Gaming rewards to help players climb up the ranks with a litany of exclusive content. Here’s how to claim May 2022’s Hearthstone goodies.

Blizzard Entertainment’s card game, Hearthstone, has been teeming with content in 2022. With the latest expansion, Voyage to the Sunken City, lurking on the horizon, players will be able to explore an underworld paradise like no other.

But this isn’t the only content that Hearthstone players will be able to feast on this time around.

To celebrate the upcoming launch of the latest expansion and as a part of the May 2022 Prime Gaming content update, Prime Gaming and Blizzard Entertainment are teaming up to grant players exclusive rewards.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Prime Gaming rewards this month and how to claim them.


hearthstone prime gaming rewards may 2022

Hearthstone Prime Gaming rewards (May 2022)

As we embark through the underwater locale of the upcoming expansion, Voyage to the Sunken City, Prime Gaming will be giving Hearthstone players in-game content drops that could give you the upper hand.

Players will receive:

  • Four Guaranteed Legendary Cards (from March 30 – September 14)
  • Three Standard Card Packs (from March 30 – September 14)
  • Prime Gaming Expansion Celebration Pack (from March 30 – April 27)

How to claim Hearthstone Prime Gaming rewards

Acquiring these rewards will require players to have an active Amazon Prime account.

In order to claim your rewards:

  1. Go to the Prime Gaming website
  2. Scroll until you find ‘Hearthstone
  3. Click this month’s reward
  4. Choose ‘go to Activision Blizzard
  5. Sign into your account
  6. Select ‘complete claim
  7. Boot up Hearthstone
  8. Go to the ‘Card Packs‘ section to claim your prize

The promotion will also only run until September 14, 2022, meaning that you’ll want to bookmark this page so that you don’t miss a drop.

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