How to boost follower loyalty fast in Cult of the Lamb: Quests, Gifts, more

Boost follower loyalty in Cult of the LambMassive Monster

Leveling up your follower’s loyalty in Cult of the Lamb is the key to unlocking powerful new Doctrines and generally boosting efficiency throughout camp. So here are the best ways to keep every cult member as loyal as possible.

Loyalty is the key factor determining success in Cult of the Lamb. A lack of loyal followers and your camp will quickly end in disarray. But capture the hearts and minds of your cultists and you’ll soon be rewarded with powerful new abilities.

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Just by increasing loyalty for individual members, a range of unique upgrades become available. Not only that, but happier cultists means more effective work throughout your home base as well.

So if you’re looking to increase follower loyalty in Cult of the Lamb, here are the best tips to keep in mind.

Benefits of having loyal followers

All cult members begin at the very start of level 1 and it’s your job to help them improve over time. In doing so, not only will their efficiency increase on the whole, but they’ll also provide new Commandment Stones with each level-up.

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Once three Commandment Stones have been acquired, you can exchange them for extremely valuable Doctrines. It’s through this system that many of the game’s most valuable features can be unlocked.

Follower missions in Cult of the LambMassive Monster
Followers at a higher level also have better odds of surviving their own missions.

From game-changing Rituals to follower traits that apply across the board, there’s plenty you’ll want to unlock through Cult of the Lamb’s Doctrine system. So it’s well worth keeping followers loyal and below are the best ways to accomplish just that.

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Never miss a Sermon

The most important thing to remember when boosting follower loyalty in Cult of the Lamb is to never miss a daily Sermon. This completely free function takes just a brief moment and provides a considerable boost to each and every follower on a daily basis.

As it’s on a daily cooldown, you always want to try and squeeze in a Sermon no matter what else is happening. That means hosting one just before venturing out on a Crusade and trying your best to return in time for another.

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If you’re executing on a new Sermon with each passing day, all followers in your cult are bound to level up in short order.

Daily Inspiration

As cult leader, you can always invoke some inspiration by chatting to followers on a personal level. Just by approaching a particular cult member, you can quickly inspire them for a little extra boost to their loyalty level.

Cult of the Lamb inspire followerMassive Monster
Inspiring followers is a quick and easy way of boosting loyalty.

While it’s not a major increase, and there is a daily cooldown per follower, this bump certainly adds up over time. It can also come in handy when followers are right on the verge of leveling up and just need that slight nudge.

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Share gifts around camp

Similarly, after inspiring followers, you can also provide individual gifts for more sizeable loyalty boosts. Various necklaces can be found while crusading out in the wild, and beyond their unique effects, simply handing them over provides a big stat increase.

You’ll have a limited amount throughout the game, so be sure to hand them out to the right followers. But ultimately, there shouldn’t be any gifts sitting around in your inventory when they could be boosting follower loyalty.

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Cult of the Lamb giftsMassive Monster
Gifts are an effective way of keeping followers on your side in Cult of the Lamb.

Complete every possible quest

Last but not least, quests also provide enormous loyalty bumps in Cult of the Lamb. Given they’re far more time-consuming than the previous methods, it’s only fair they give some of the biggest boosts.

While some quests demand a great deal of you, perhaps exploring a new area in search of a lost companion, others can be quite simple, like feeding poop as a prank. Regardless of the task at hand, you should always prioritize follower quests to help their loyalty climb.

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