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How to beat the Snow King in Mario Golf Super Rush

Published: 1/Jul/2021 15:44 Updated: 2/Jul/2021 15:07

by Lauren Bergin


Mario Golf Super Rush has breathed new life into the sporting side of the iconic Nintendo franchise, but defeating the Snow King is no easy task despite his adorable nature.

Nintendo’s fun-filled sports title, Mario Golf Super Rush, was unveiled to the world on June 25. Including a roster of 16 new characters, new games modes and much, much more, the title is a very different look for the Mario Golf series.

As you approach the end of your putting journey, however, you’ll encounter the Snow King. When playing through the Adventure Mode, this pesky snowman can be quite a difficult enemy to counter.


Fortunately, we’ve got everything you need to know about the boss’ three different phases right here so that you’ll be melting through his health in no time.

Mario Golf Super Rush snow king boss
YouTube: Release-Fire
Despite his cute looks, the Snow King is a pretty fearsome opponent.

How to beat the Snow King in Mario Golf Super Rush

Defeating the Snow King is no easy feat. Stretched across three separate segments (each representing a different part of his snowy body,) you’ll need to lace up your golf shoes and get ready to cause some chaos.

In order to take down the Snow King, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Destroy his force field: Use the Bob-ombs provided to destroy the crystals powering the shield. Approach them and click ‘A,’ then line up your shot. They only take one hit each.
    • Bear in mind that the Bob-ombs take a while to respawn, so make every shot count.
    • To ensure that you destroy the field effectively, wait until the Snow King has used his area attack and then fire the Bob-ombs off quickly. If he attacks you while you’re gearing up to put, you’ll take some big damage and have a significant wait before another Bob-omb appears.
    • Once the forcefield is down, hit him with a few Bob-ombs to start phase 2.
  2. Destroy his force field, again: Force field round two anyone? This time there’s four crystals, and the angry snowman is much more relentless. Once the shield is down though, he’ll start to throw massive snowballs at you (seen above.)
    • For effective shots, use your Driver for long distance and 3 Wood for short.
    • When he starts that one-way snowball fight, either hit him with the Bob-omb as he builds the snowball, or wait until he throws it, dodge and then bonk him.
  3. DON’T destroy his force field: Yes, you read that right. While the crystals will make a reappearance hitting them is useless. Instead, you need to wait for him to throw a snowball, dodge it, and use the raised snow pile it creates to launch your final attack.
    • The Snow King will throw a spiked ice ball at the player when they’re in the right place. In order to parry it, time your shot just right to activate the Power of Flame.
    • You will need either nice or excellent timing to parry the shot.
Mario Gold Super Rush snow king boss
YouTube: Release-Fire
If you’ve followed these steps, you’ll topple the tyrant King in no time!

Keep an eye on your Body Temp

While all of this is going on, be sure to keep an eye on your Body Temp meter in the top right, which acts as a timer for the level. If your body temperature drops to 0, then you will automatically lose the battle.


If you’re struggling with this, be sure to unlock these items from the Bowser Highland Clubhouse to help you out:

  • Heat Attire (1,000 coins) – reduces damage from Gimmicks.
  • Snow Shoes (800 coins) – reduces speed loss in snow.

So that’s all you need to do to take down this evil icy regent. If you’re looking to putt your way into the Mario Golf: Super Rush hall of fame, check out our other guides:

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