How to save $10 on Horizon Forbidden West for PS4 & PS5

Lauren Bergin
horizon forbidden west aloy looks away from camera
Sony Computer Entertainment

Horizon Forbidden West is one of 2022’s most highly anticipated games, but it turns out you can get it for $10 cheaper than the main $69.99 price tag, if you follow the right steps. 

As players flock back to Sony’s post-apocalyptic world in the highly anticipated Horizon Forbidden West, all eyes are on Aloy and what the future holds for the now-iconic franchise.

While we’ve already seen some leaked gameplay footage of the next chapter in the Horizon saga, some have been dissuaded from buying the title due to the particularly high price point for PlayStation 5 users.

Coming in at a whopping $70 for the Standard Edition of the game, it turns out that those who are a little apprehensive to drop wads of cash will be able to get it for $10 cheaper due to a pricing discrepancy on Sony’s website.

horizon forbidden west aloy looks at old bridge with pterodactyls flying around it
Sony Computer Entertainment
Horizon Forbidden West looks absolutely beautiful, but playing it requires you to part with quite a bit of cash.

How to get Horizon Forbidden West $10 cheaper

A video from February 16 by Hoeg Law has highlighted that there’s an easy way to get Horizon Forbidden West for $10 cheaper due to a strange price discrepancy, or loophole, on the PlayStation store.

First off, when you visit the website you will be greeted with a preorder that appears to show both the PS5/PS4 versions are $69.99. While you can purchase using this link, scroll down until the store separates out into the different editions. Here, you’ll be given the option to buy the PS4 version for $59.99 instead, saving you $10 already if you’re looking to play on that platform.

Players who purchase the PlayStation 4 version of the game will be charged $59.99 as opposed to $69.99, the PlayStation 5 price point. However, as confirmed by Sony in September 2021, players can upgrade their PS4 version to next gen consoles for free.

So, if you buy the Ps4 version and make use of your free PS5 upgrade, you’ll be getting the game for $10 cheaper than the standard PS5 price point.

horizon forbidden west prices in sony store
Sony Computer Entertainment
Buying the standard edition on PS4 is $10 cheaper than PS5, so might as well save some cash!

While Hoeg Law criticized Sony’s practices as driven by “duplicity and greed,” at least they have highlighted the fact that there is a way to get the game a little cheaper and, in turn, open up accessibility to more people.

The sequal is set to release on February 18, so be sure to check out our breakdown of everything we know about Horizon Forbidden West so far.