How long is Dead Space remake? Main story length & time to beat

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How long does it take to beat the main story of the Dead Space remake? Here’s how long it will take you to survive Isaac’s quest through the Ishimora.

2023’s Dead Space is a ground-up remake of the 2008 original. The game involves space engineer, Isaac Clarke, coming to the mining vessel known as the Ishimura to repair its systems and reunite with his missing girlfriend. Once he arrives, Isaac and his team discover that the ship has become overrun with bloodthirsty space zombies called Necromorphs – which seek to add him to their undead ranks.

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The game is a survival horror title, therefore like most other games in the genre, it tries not to outstay its welcome when it comes to length. Games like Dead Space are at their best when they’re tight, cinematic experiences that benefit from replayability. That being said, some games in the genre are notoriously short, so Dead Space must walk a fine line between both length and quality. Here’s how long it will take to beat the Dead Space remake.

Dead Space remake gameplayElectronic Arts
Dead Space will take around twelve hours to beat.

How long is Dead Space?

2023’s remake is roughly the same in length as the original – taking around 11-12 hours to beat. Like the original, the Dead Space remake is comprised of twelve chapters each taking roughly an hour to complete. The first and final chapters are a little shorter, but some chapters are longer than others.

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Dead Space (2008) was roughly 11-12 hours long, depending on whether you had played the game before and knew where you were going. Those familiar with the game could beat it much sooner, but the average first playthrough would clock in at the twelve-hour mark.

There are several mysteries to solve on the Ishimura and the game rewards exploration. Those who take their time with Dead Space and investigate every dark corridor and hidden room will find more supplies and upgrades to aid them on their journey.

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So take your time and don’t worry if your first run takes longer than around twelve hours. Remember, this time there are a variety of side missions to do which can lead to a secret ending.

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