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How Kaspersky fell in love with speedrunning

Published: 6/Aug/2020 17:06 Updated: 7/Aug/2020 10:21

by Jacob Hale


Esports as an industry has grown exponentially over the last two decades, and speedrunning has been along for the ride since the very start.

While many competitive gamers might seek to beat their opponents with higher scores, the aim of speedrunning has always been simple, since as early as the 1980s and the days of arcades and Pacman: play as fast as possible.

Every year, there are multiple huge speedrunning events that make millions for charity, as well as crown world record holders — just like what happened at Break the Record: LIVE, as Xiae smashed the Doom Eternal record in the Kaspersky-sponsored event.


Despite how long speedrunning has been popular, it has never quite broken into the upper echelons of esports, but that might not be the case for much longer.

“Speedrunning has always been grassroots, built from the ground up by passionate players,” said speedrunning YouTuber and commentator Karl Jobst. “Now that it has become more popular, we are starting to see some money come in. This is a great thing and will help take the niche to the next level.”


Kaspersky helped the European Speedrunners Assembly and Break the Record: LIVE bring something that has “been severely lacking in previous years” according to Jobst: competitive speedrunning.

But it’s the way Kaspersky went about it that is most notable. Far more than simply attaching their name to the tournament, the global cybersecurity company sought to integrate with the community — engaging with, listening to and openly showing their affection for the burgeoning esport. Quite simply, they’d fallen in love with speedrunning and the community’s non-stop quest to go faster.

It was through this willingness to listen and learn, that they managed to find a meaningful way to play their role, and contribute to the growth of the sport.


While speedrunners search for ways to maximize performance of their console or PC to make transitions and actions that much quicker, cybersecurity software is often one of the first things cut — despite the perils of doing so.

Through their ongoing dialogue with the speedrunning community, Kaspersky was able to validate the existence of this risky behavior, and then address it in emphatic style during the event.

As planned, competitors took to Doom Eternal to compete for the quickest time. Impressively six personal bests were achieved, and the world record convincingly broken. Once the event concluded, the winner — and new world record holder — Xiae began to reflect on his extraordinary achievement, revealing that he’d actually achieved his feat with Kaspersky Internet Security installed and its Gaming Mode functionality enabled.


There was no obligation for competitors to use Kaspersky Internet Security at all, and the winner himself was not sponsored by Kaspersky, which says a lot about what the product offers to competitive speedrunners and those looking to perform at the peak of their abilities while staying safe online.

Of course, Doom Eternal itself is one of the most hardware-intensive PC shooters out there right now, not even factoring in the fact that these runners were trying to complete the game as quickly as possible as well as streaming it to thousands of viewers.

Xiae beats the Doom: Eternal world record
Kaspersky / ESA
Break the Record: LIVE was filled with plenty of high-octane action.

The importance of Kaspersky creating a good product, without gamers needing to sacrifice the ability to perform to the best of their abilities, was paramount. By all means, it passed the test with flying colors, as new world record holder Xiae can attest to.

What’s next for speedrunning, then? Jobst believes that while old classics such as Super Mario 64 and Zelda: Ocarina of Time will remain popular, the future of speedrunning lies in new games.

“I think the future will involve speedrunning competitions featuring new releases,” he said. “I think it would even be in the interest of developers and publishers to nurture and facilitate such events to bring attention to their games.”

Jobst says he’d like to see similar events to the Doom Eternal Break The Record: LIVE event, but for many other new games, because they “showcase how quickly speedrunners can understand and break apart a game.”

With the excitement of Break the Record: LIVE still fresh in the minds of speedrunning fans, the big question this poses is which game comes next?


RunTheFUTMarket explains why FIFA 21 players need “stimulus package”

Published: 20/Oct/2020 16:24

by David Purcell


YouTuber Nick ‘RunTheFUTMarket’ Bartels is one of the most clued up on Ultimate Team trends and after seeing FIFA 21’s market “crash” so early – he’s now calling for a stimulus package from EA SPORTS. 

The popular content creator is among the most trusted for FUT tips, attracting millions of viewers to his YouTube channel each year. As players buy and sell cards every day, it can be difficult to predict whether or not your team’s valuation will be worth higher or lower from one day to the next.


To solve that problem, as prices of many cards are fallen massively since its early October launch, Nick has now proposed a US Government-style stimulus package. Back in April, Congress passed a package that saw many American citizens handed $1,200 to get the economy back moving.

But, would it work in FIFA?

Players celebrating in FIFA 21
Prices of players are falling at an alarming rate, according to RunTheFUTMarket.

RunTheFUTMarket’s FIFA 21 “stimulus” idea explained

RunTheFUTMarket put the idea forward during his October 19 upload, where he claimed the market would soon stabilize if EA handed out free coins to everybody. The idea may seem popular, or even wacky, on the surface but he laid out the proposal during the video.

He said: “The market, again, is struggling big time. Most cards you have probably bought in a team are down. Look, I’m proposing to EA SPORTS that we need a stimulus package. 85,000 coins per week to every single person who plays FUT.

“If we can get a stimulus package quickly, it should be enough to inflate and keep the market up, because right now the market is not surviving.”


Segment starts at 1:37 in the video below. 

Would it ever happen?

The content creator ran through a few examples of cards that fluctuate a lot on the high end, using Newcastle’s Allan Saint-Maximin TOTW card as an example. That wasn’t the only one, either, explaining that many have fallen through the floor in terms of value.

“At this rate, everything is going to be discard value in a couple of weeks – at this rate,” he claimed. “We’re going at an alarming rate, currently, of the market. It’s not good guys.”


Now, this is something EA have never implemented in their game, and are unlikely to ever pull the trigger in such a way. So much revenue made each year from FUT packs – based on the challenge of accruing more coins. Therefore, this would seemingly dampen the hopes of any stimulus package ever coming to light.

Should the market continue to rapidly drive down the prices of players, the developers can step in with new price point brackets for minimum listings. That’s one way things have changed in the past.


No doubt players will rally behind the idea, especially the big spenders, but it’s unlikely to happen any time soon.