Hogwarts Legacy is already a top-selling Steam game weeks before launch

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Hogwarts Legacy won’t release for several more weeks, yet it’s already climbing the Steam sales charts on PC.

The Harry Potter IP has enjoyed no shortage of video game adaptations throughout its history. That includes everything from action-adventure titles and Quidditch sports games to movie tie-ins and LEGO-branded experiences.

However, fans of the franchise have long wished for something more profound to sink their teeth into, which Avalanche Software aims to provide in Hogwarts Legacy.

The open-world RPG will finally land on PC and current-gen consoles this February. And the Steam sales charts show hype remains at an all-time high.

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Hogwarts Legacy is already high on the Steam charts

For the week ending on January 8, preorders secured the upcoming Harry Potter title the number four spot on Steam’s global charts.

It was topped only by Steam Deck, Elden Ring, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. Not bad for an experience that’s still one month out from release.

Twitter user and industry analyst Benji-Sales outlined the recent best-sellers list in the following post:

Such early momentum doesn’t show any sign of slowing down, either. At the time of writing, Hogwarts Legacy counts as the top-selling game on Steam Charts, followed by CS:GO, Modern Warfare II, Lost Ark, and Destiny 2.

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This seems a sign that, at least on PC, sales of Hogwarts Legacy will enjoy a strong start.

hogwarts legacy steam charts january 9Steam Charts
Hogwarts Legacy tops the Steam charts as of January 9

How the role-playing title will perform once it finally hits store shelves is anyone’s guess. While Steam data indicates high interest, the backlash against series creator J.K. Rowling‘s transphobic behavior leaves many to wonder if the brand can still rake in record-breaking sales numbers.

That much and more will be clear in the weeks following Hogwarts Legacy’s release on February 10.