Hogwarts Legacy: 10 things we learned at PlayStation State of Play

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harry potter hogwarts legacy gameplay
WB Games Avalanche

Harry Potter fans finally got to see the first glimpse of Hogwarts Legacy in the March State of Play. Here are five things we learned about the upcoming RPG.

WB Games Avalanche sought to include everything from the books and movies that franchise faithfuls would be able to instantly recognize – but the studio went beyond what we know about the iconic Hogwarts castle and its school grounds.

Players are going to explore vast regions while mastering a variety of spells as they uncover mysteries inside and out of the beloved school of witchcraft and wizardry.

There’s plenty to look forward to. Here’s a quick rundown of what lies ahead in Hogwarts Legacy.

A living Hogwarts

hogwarts legacy gameplay

It was a given that Hogwarts Legacy would incorporate the famous castle in some way, but the halls will be very much alive as people play through the game.

Not only will we see familiar ghosts and portraits, but the devs will also hide loads of secrets and passageways across the school for players to uncover with magic.

Everything from common rooms to courtyards filled with students will be explorable – depending on what house you’ve been sorted into, of course.

Hogwarts student: Create-a-Character

hogwarts legacy create a character
WB Games Avalanche
Hopefully, there will be active customization options like changing hair color during gameplay.

We always assumed, but now we know that Hogwarts Legacy will incorporate a create-a-character function to begin your journey in the wizarding school.

You’ll be able to customize everything from height, hair, and facial features before you get sorted into your house.

How this will affect players being sorted into a house, if it has an effect at all, remains to be seen, but this is the first step of introducing us to the RPG.

Flying on Broomsticks

hogwarts legacy broom quidditch
WB Games Avalanche
The Quidditch pitch got one close-up in the Hogwarts Legacy preview. To what extent we’ll use our brooms, remains to be seen.

Hogwarts Legacy will have gameplay mechanics that will take players to the skies with brooms to traverse the game.

We’re still holding out to see if some form of Quidditch will be incorporated, but the devs said we’ll be able to “learn and master” broom flights – which will hopefully be useful on a pitch.

In either case, learning how to fly a broom will prove to be extremely helpful considering Hogwarts Legacy will have…

Open-world gameplay

We knew Hogwarts Legacy would take players across various locations like Hogsmeade and the Forbidden Forest, but players will be able to travel from place to place on foot or on their brooms.

harry potter hogwarts legacy broom flying
WB Games Avalanche
Hogwarts Legacy will take to the skies with flying brooms.

Avalanche are building the game as an open-world experience that will take players to never-before-seen locales around the school grounds.

Surrounding areas will be filled with smaller villages filled with vendors, puzzles, NPCs with missions, and even enemy encampments like a true open-world environment.

Seasonal weather

hogwarts legacy castle gameplay
WB Games Avalanche
We’re going to see Hogwarts castle in various lights across the seasons.

Nothing shouts ‘Harry Potter’ like a snow-covered Hogwarts, and luckily players will be able to experience the world in all types of seasons.

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter will all have their effects on the environment, which make the world around Hogwarts feel “alive with activity, wonders, and areas of unusual interest.”

Customizable Vivariums

hogwarts Legacy cottage vivarium

While there won’t be a clubhouse, per se, Hogwarts Legacy will let players customize vivariums with the help of Deek the house elf.

Players will have a “Conjuration Budget” that will limit the number of items allowed to be conjured in this personalized space.

People can use Moonstone resources to conjure everything from a Cottage to various accessories where your magical beasts can be stored and managed.

Dark magic and different paths

Avada Kedavra hogwarts legacy
WB Games Avalanche
Hogwarts Legacy players who choose the Dark Arts will eventually learn how to cast the Killing Curse.

Depending on how the player wants to experience Hogwarts Legacy, it sounds like you can either be the hero of the story or a dark wizard in the making.

At least one Unforgivable Curse, Avada Kedavra, was shown with a brilliant flash of green effects emanating from the player’s wand.

It’ll be interesting to see how far the game will let us impact the events of Hogwarts Legacy if we choose to study the Dark Arts.

Fluid magical combat

hogwarts legacy combat gameplay
WB Games Avalanche
Hogwarts Legacy will have a live combat system in this action RPG.

Hogwarts Legacy will have live combat against all sorts of creatures and wizards.

Speculation over how the devs would mix gameplay with spells and scale of combat made some wonder if there would be a turn-based system, but that isn’t the case.

Everything from damaging spells to stuns and charms will be in play, and players will have to figure out the correct combination of tricks to overcome specific challenges.

Dozens of spells

hogwarts legacy spells
WB Games Avalanche
Hogwarts Legacy will have multiple spells for players to combo in combat.

As players develop their character, they will get to learn advanced tricks and more spells to combo them in battle.

The trailer mentioned there will be “dozens” of spells like Incendio and Descendo, all of which can be used to change your playthrough.

Talents and Skills progression

hogwarts legacy traits skills gameplay
WB Games Avalanche
Hogwarts Legacy will let players use magical friends to assist in gameplay depending on how you build your witch or wizard.

Players can find and complete challenges to upgrade their spells and talents like their mastery of potions or use of plants.

This will let players tailor the gameplay to their likes and interests like battling with unique plants or taming large fantastic beasts wherever you find them.

Talents and Skills will be a heavy point of emphasis to determine what kind of wizard or witch you want to grow into.

There will be loads to uncover in Hogwarts Legacy, so keep up with Dexerto’s coverage of the game all the way through its Holiday 2022 release.

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