Hasan explains why Hogwarts Legacy Twitch boycott won’t work: “It’s meaningless”

hasanabi and hogwarts legacy imageWarner Bros. Games/ Instagram: Hasandpiker

Hasan explained during his latest Twitch stream why he believes that the ongoing attempt to boycott Hogwarts Legacy won’t work out for those participating.

Hogwarts Legacy has been soaring in popularity in recent days near its launch, holding insane viewership on Twitch and even going so far as to break the record for the most viewed category of any single-player game in history. With a sprawling open world, it’s the game Harry Potter fans have been waiting for.

However, the game has caused quite a stir and has been considered quite controversial. This is due to its ties with Harry Potter creator J.K Rowling, who has been accused of making transphobic comments – which she has denied.

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As such, many have taken to Twitch to boycott the game, refusing to support anything that involves Rowling in it. Some of this boycotting has come in the form of harassing streamers in their chat, which has caused massive outrage among high-profile streamers such as xQc and Asmongold.

Now Hasan has explained on his stream why he believes the boycott of the game simply won’t work.

Hasan, who is generally known as a political streamer explained that whilst he’s empathetic for those boycotting the game, he believes their efforts will not bear fruit.

“Where you’re coming from, when you feel like a lot of people don’t give a s*** about you. When you’re like what the f***? We just don’t want people to play this one f****** game, and we’re asking.”

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Hasan then went on to claim those partaking have failed to recognize a better way to go about supporting the transgender community.

“What many do not recognize is, make a better ask. That’s the thing because the demand is so marginal and so silly so that most people go ‘no what the f*** are you talking about?’”

hogwarts legacy wand imageWarner Bros. Games
Hogwarts Legacy is causing quite the stir all over the internet and Twitch in particular.

He further elaborated on his point, calling the Hogwarts Legacy game “meaningless”.

‘That’s just it because it’s so meaningless in the grand scheme of things. It is. So the very fact that you’re asking for such a tiny thing in and of itself, is perhaps half the reason people are not taking it seriously.”

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Hasan did comment further, explaining the other half of the reason why the boycott will fail in his eyes.

“The other half is because, and this is the sad and scary state of affairs, is that people don’t care about trans people.”

Hogwarts Legacy has easily been one of the most divisive games to come out in recent history, with many controversies surrounding not only the game itself but the discourse that is revolving around it.

With that being said, it’s likely that for better or worse, Hogwarts Legacy will go down in history as one of the largest games of 2023.

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