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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Guide – Spell energy, wizarding challenges, professions

Published: 21/Jun/2019 13:26 Updated: 21/Jun/2019 14:39

by Paul Cot


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is available to download now, after two years of anticipation, and here are all the answers to the questions players are already asking.

Harry Potter fans have turned their attention to the wizarding world’s answer to Pokemon Go, as the new mobile game has launched a day ahead of schedule on June 21, and is available to download on both Android and iOS. 

With so many different things to see and do inside the new application, let’s take a look at the different things players can now get up to in Wizards Unite. 

How to get spell energy?

Upon starting, players will quickly realize that spell energy is a fundamental resource that will quickly deplete. It is needed for the majority of confrontations in HPWU.

As a result, it is an essential part of the game and the quickness at which it depletes is already the most complained about aspect of the game.

Your spell energy is highlighted by the lightning bolt in the bottom left hand corner of the HUD. You can have a maximum of 75 – one is required each time you cast a spell, working in a similar way to Pokeballs.

Spell energy is an essential resource in HPWU…

Another similarity to Pokemon Go is how you get more spell energy. Visit one of the numerous inns dotted around your area (essentially Pokestops). Follow the tasks within the inn to earn more spell energy.

The other less appealing option is to Diagon Alley where you can purchase more spell energy. The coin golds needed to buy more can be earned during gameplay or can be bought with real money.

What are wizarding challenges?

Wizarding challenges take place in fortresses, which in turn will provide Fragments and Challenge Level points.

Within a fortress are several chambers which players must complete one a time – each chamber can be tackled by up to five different players at once. Chambers must be unlocked in order and to unlock additional chambers, players must reach a higher level.

Additionally, to enter a fortress you must use a Runestone which can be found while playing the game. The quality of the Runestone determines the Foundable fragments and XP that can be obtained. The Runestone used will also determine how difficult the wizarding challenge is.

Wizarding challenges are a big part of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite…

Which profession should I choose?

There are three different professions to choose from and each of them offer their own advantages and drawbacks – when entering a fortress with friends it is definitely beneficial to have a variety of professions at your disposal though.

There are three professions – Auror, Magizoologist and Professor – these are unlocked at level 6.

Unlike choosing a team in Pokemon Go, you shouldn’t stress about which profession you choose in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite as it can be changed at any time.

NerdistThe man himself, Harry Potter, leads the Auror class…


The Auror class works best against the Dark Arts within HPWU. They have the most power among the three professions but also the least stamina. They are also weak against beast enemies.

Harry Potter himself serves as the mentor the Auror class.

Cinema BlendHagrid heads up the Magizoologist profession…


The infamous Hagrid leads the Magizoologists who serve as more of a medic class than combat. Unsurprisingly they have the best stamina, as a reuslt.

Their strengths lie in helping the team with various spells as opposed to directly fighting. They are strong against beast enemies.

pottermoreMinerva McGonagall mentors the Professor profession…


Minerva McGonagall is the mentor of the professors. The professor class falls in between Auror and Magizoologists whereby they provide attacking and defensive traits.

While Magizoologists are weak against Curiosities, Professors are strong against them. However, they are weak against the Dark Arts.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends YouTuber leaks Season 7 lobby & Horizon skin on accident

Published: 1/Nov/2020 0:27

by Bill Cooney


An Italian Youtuber seems to have accidentally shared embargoed footage of the upcoming Apex Legends Season 7’s lobby, challenges, and even a brand new skin for the yet-to-be-released Horizon character.

Apex Legends Season 7 is set to kick off on November 4, and with everyone itching to get a look at all of the new content headed our way, some of it may have been unveiled a tad bit too early.

As is the case before pretty much every new season, some of the game’s more prominent content creators are given early access to try out and record the new content for their YouTube channels, which can’t be released before a specified date.

For S7, that date was Monday, November 2, but, on October 31, YouTuber Mox600 inadvertently uploaded a shot of Horizon with her new outfit skin standing in the revamped lobby, before he quickly made the video private.

In the leaked video, we see a mohawked, neon Horizon who’s also rocking some goggles and what seems to be body armor as well. Let’s just say it’s a good thing Olympus seems to have plenty of color going on because this one might stick out like a sore thumb on maps like Kings Canyon and World’s Edge.

Because Respawn won’t start selling new items for her until the season gets going, this cosmetic is most likely a Battle Pass skin, maybe even the one players unlock in the final Tier.

Apex’s pre-game lobby has a fresh new look as well, as it seems to actually be outside in the streets of Olympus, with the brand new Season 7 map serving as a backdrop for player banners.

Along with these we also got a look at the new STARS system. Combined with match XP, the STARS will contribute to a repeatable weekly challenge that grants a full Battle Pass level with each completion. This XP is specific to Battle Pass, meaning it won’t impact Account Level progression.

While this definitely appears to be a legit leak of upcoming Season 7 content, in the grand scheme of things there’s still a lot of actual gameplay to see as we get ready to head into Olympus, so we wouldn’t really consider this that massive of a spoiler.

Exactly what will be included in the upcoming Battle Pass should be soon revealed as well, but at least we got a look at one of the skins that’ll likely be featured, and if it’s anything to go by, Season 7 might be a doozy.