Guilty Gear Strive players celebrate as Bridget comes out as trans woman

Bridget transYouTube: Arc System Works

Revealed in a Guilty Gear Strive, Bridget officially came out as a trans woman during a conversation with Ky and Goldlewis. Fans of the game celebrated her gender confirmation, which has been a long time coming.

Guilty Gear Strive recently debuted Bridget, which didn’t come as much of a surprise due to the character’s earlier popularity. But what surprised the fans was Arc System Works’ decision to finally take a stance on Bridget’s gender identity.

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For context, Bridget was born as one of two male twins. But her village believed male twins to be an ill omen, going as far as killing one of the twins to prevent superstitious misfortune. To prevent this, her family treated her as a girl her entire life, creating conflicting thoughts of self-identity. This resulted in an ambiguous gender identification, which has characterized Bridget for years.

But Bridget officially came out as a transwoman in the latest gameplay trailer and the community is ecstatic for her.

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The reveal occurred in a cut scene after an Arcade battle, where Bridget confided to Goldlewis and Ky with concerns about her future. Bridget started the conversation by expressing a vague concern: “I’m too scared of losing what I have.”

Goldlewis reassured Bridget, “you got your whole life ahead of you kid, gotta learn how to take a hit.” Ky added on, “there are helping hands right in front of you.”

After reassurance, Bridget confidently stood up. “I don’t want to run scared anymore.” She continued her speech, “from now on, no matter what, no more lying to myself.”

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At this point, it’s a little unclear exactly what Bridget was struggling with, but they have a support system to help them through.

The resolute Bridget bowed, “thank you! Both of you!”

Relieved to see Bridget energized, Goldlewis responded, “Don’t mention it. Happy trails cowgirl. Or, uh, cowboy…?”

Bridget responded, “Cowgirl is fine! Because I’m a girl!”

Before now, the question of Bridget’s gender had always been a bit of a mystery — perhaps because she hadn’t quite come to terms with it herself. But after so many years since her debut in the Guilty Gear franchise, Bridget finally came to terms with her own identity.

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Arc System Works’ official gender reveal for Bridget didn’t only flesh out her in-game lore, but it also provided the trans community more representation in a sphere where they are often excluded.

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