Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons: Release date, new trait lines, Cantha map

guild wars 2 end of dragons character stands in canthaArenaNet

The Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons expansion is set to add another chapter to Tyria’s history books, so here’s everything you need to know: from release date to trailers, new class trait lines and more. 

Despite first hitting our screens in 2012, Arenanet’s Guild Wars 2 continues to thrive, with yet another expansion lurking upon the horizon.

Entitled End of Dragons, the ongoing Dragon Cycle is set to collapse, leaving Tyria in chaos and your hero as the only person who can keep it from fracturing entirely. Sent to traverse the spectacular Asian-inspired vistas of Cantha and master ancient magics, the third expansion is set to be a banger.

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Looking to dive right in? Here’s everything you need to know about Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons, including the release date, trailers, and new features.


guild wars 2 end of dragons cover artArenaNet
The end is nigh, but will your hero roll over and die?

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons release date

Guild Wars 2’s End of Dragons expansion will release on February 28, 2022.

Players can pre-purchase End of Dragons via ArenaNet’s official website, so if you’re planning on getting ahead of the competition be sure to have a look!

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons trailers

Expansion Trailer

Featuring a spectacular crystalline dragon soaring above the skies of the newly unveiled Cantha, we’re introduced to a mysterious protagonist who appears to be the mind behind the all-new dragonjade.

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Gameplay Trailer

Giving us a deeper dive into the Jade utopia of Cantha, players catch a glimpse of the Empire’s technological prowess and fascinating creatures. Hoping to earn the trust of this reclusive nation, the future of Tyria is on the line – so you’d best get ready to forge some new alliances!

New Map: Cantha

Our story will take place amid the jade forests of the spectacular Cantha (first seen in Factions,) and its coastal neighbor, Shing Jea Island.

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Inspired by traditional Asian culture, we can see characters donning colorful robes whilst riding around on golden dragon mounts. Sparkling ponds feature a plethora of green lily pads and cherry blossoms, while the island’s inhabitants can be seen fishing on spectacular barges (more on that later.)

Additionally, players will be able to zip around the city on Jadetech powered ziplines, and will also acquire a new Jade Bot, which can provide everything from panoramic views to aid in combat.

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New Class Trait Lines

Of course, what’s a new expansion without a slew of new trait lines? Traits are chosen within the game’s overarching classes, giving players the chance to tailor their playstyle.

Nine new lines will be entering the fray, inspired by the magic and mystery of Cantha’s Eastern style:

Class Trait Description
Elementalist Catalyst Catalysts have revitalized ancient techniques for channeling elemental forces – with a few modern improvements, like their jade tech spheres.
Engineer Mechanist No one makes friends like a Mechanist! They call the shots on the battlefield alongside their helpful jade tech battle mechs.
Guardian Willbender A Willbender’s bladework is unmatched and wielding a sword in their offhand gives them extra opportunities for ruthless cuts.
Mesmer Virtuoso The Virtuoso sharpens the power of their mind into deadly psionic blades. Unlike traditional Mesmer illusions, they wield these directly as magic projectiles.
Necromancer Harbinger A Harbinger makes no clean kills, wielding a pistol to devastate their enemies with noxious, corrosive bullets. These skilled alchemists have developed elixirs to inflict Blight upon themselves, converting their own pain into power. In Harbinger Shroud, they gain devastating abilities while suffering from Blight.
Ranger Untamed Ancient forces of nature dwell within Echovald Forest, and the Untamed channel these primal energies through their bond with their pets.
Revenant Vindicator Vindicator’s channel the legendary alliance between mortal foes to devastate their enemies and protect their allies.
Thief Specter Specters are masters of shadow magic, using their specters to wield dark forces in bolstering allies and debilitating enemies.
Warrior Bladesworn Advances in Canthan technology have yielded a fusion of firearm and longsword: the gunsaber. Only the Bladesworn can handle such a volatile weapon.

New Features

Multiplayer Combat Mount

The Seige Turtle, Guild Wars 2’s first-ever multiplayer mount, allows one player to control the turtle while the other lays waste to enemies with the creatures extensive arsenal of heavy weapons.

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Fishing & Skiffs

End of Dragons finally introduces fishing to the game, as well as a selection of tournaments that will pit the most avid fishermen and women against one another.

Additionally, players will be able to purchase their own barges, known as ‘Skiffs,’ which you can use as a quick getaway from the chaos on-land.

guild wars 2 end of dragons character fishing on a skiffArenaNet
Your skiffs will likely become a home away from home.

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons editions

Since Guild Wars’ last expansion, Path of Fire, came out all the way back in 2017, you may be looking to celebrate the new release in style. If you’re determined to party hard, you can choose from either the Standard, Deluxe, or Ultimate editions.

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Below are all three, as well as their prices and special features:

Edition Price ($) Price (£) Features
Standard 29.99 25.99 Base game, shared inventory slot, max level boost, Shing Jea Mosaic Cape, Flame Serpent Weapon Chest, Prodigy of Shing Jea title
Deluxe 54.99 47.99 All of the Standard Edition rewards, plus additional character slot, identity repair kit, Canthan raptor skin, Shin Jea Dragon boat skiff skin
Ultimate 79.99 69.99 All of the Deluxe Edition rewards, plus 4,000 gems

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