Guardians of the Galaxy Square Enix game leaked – will it be at E3?

Guardians of the Galaxy gameTelltale Games/Disney

Industry insider Jeff Grubb has revealed that a Guardians of the Galaxy game is being developed by Square Enix – but will it make an appearance at E3 2021?

With E3 2021 set to kick off on June 12, the gaming community has begun to speculate on which titles are going to be showcased at the event.

Whether it’s another peek at Halo Infinite or an official trailer for Bethesda’s Starfield, fans are keeping their fingers crossed that E3 2021 is going to be an event to remember.

Despite the showcase only being weeks away, confirmation that a Guardians of the Galaxy game is in development has led fans to wonder whether the title could be revealed at the upcoming E3 event.

Guardians of the Galaxy game revealed by insider

Groot Guardians of the Galaxy

In an episode of Game Mess released on May 25, industry insider Jeff Grubb confirmed Square Enix is working on a Guardians of the Galaxy video game.

While Grubb didn’t reveal any specific details about the title, he was confident in saying that the project was definitely in the works.

“I heard Guardians of the Galaxy is going to be made by Square Enix, and now, yeah, that’s real, that’s real.”

Topic starts at 9:20

Although it’s now been confirmed that another Marvel title is in the pipeline, is it possible we get a glimpse of the new game at E3 2021?

Will the Guardians of the Galaxy game be at E3 2021?

Guardians of the Galaxy E3Disney
E3 2021 takes place on June 12.

With so little information available on the game, it’s difficult to know whether Square Enix is ready to showcase Guardians of the Galaxy at E3 2021.

After the poor reception of their Marvel Avengers game back in 2020, the studio will need to knock it out of the park with their second project in the superhero universe.

Despite this, when it comes to gaming events, there’s no bigger stage than E3. This upcoming showcase could be exactly what Square Enix needs to generate some hype and excitement for the title.

While it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing Groot, Star-Lord, and Drax at E3 this year, a surprise appearance would certainly get the audience excited for another adventure in the Marvel universe.

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