GTA Online players notice The Contract story is missing key character

André González Rodríguez
gta online the contract story
Rockstar Games

GTA Online’s newest update is set to bring back a number of beloved characters, but there’s one, in particular, that wasn’t spotted. 

The new update, titled The Contract, looks to be one of the biggest the community has seen in 2021. The game’s community has had plenty to do on the franchise’s games after the release of the GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition in November.

The update that’s dropping on December 15, 2021, will give players plenty to indulge in – from enjoying new weapons, vehicles, and properties as well as new contracts.

But one thing that has caught the eye of GTA players has been the comeback of various characters, namely Lamar, Franklin, and Dr. Dre that were all seen in the new update’s trailer

dr dre in gta online for the contract update
Rockstar Games
Dr. Dre set to make his return in the new GTA Online update

Lamar Davis and Franklin were some of the most popular characters in the game’s story mode making it a welcome surprise. While the popular rapper Dr. Dre was expected to make his return due to his in-game’s character’s participation in the Cayo Perico heist of early 2021

All three of these characters are already big names, but this doesn’t mean GTA fans won’t ask for more. 

GTA Online The Contract update is missing key character

In a post on GTA Online’s subreddit, user Bellpow pointed out that there was one key character from the bunch missing — Tanisha.

They said: “So Franklin, Lamar, and Chop are back which is amazing but what about Tanisha? Did she finally call his dog ass? Or is she still f**king with that brain surgeon or lawyer?”

Over 5,000 people have upvoted the post, at the time of writing.

Although a minor character, Tanisha was very much present in the lives of both Lamar and Franklin, who players can control. As a childhood friend, she’s been closely acquainted with the duo and this has made it so GTA fans wish for her return.

Her return seems unlikely, though, as towards the end of the story mode Tanisha got married, somewhat cutting off her relationship with Lamar and Franklin. 

That being said, you just can’t rule anything out with GTA Online getting a new enhanced edition for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S in early 2022.