GTA Online glitch pulls ultimate trick-or-treat prank on players removing every weapon

gta online halloween cosplayTake-Two Interactive

A GTA Online glitch removes every owned weapon from players, so be careful the next time you think about picking up a pumpkin.

GTA’s annual Halloween event brings out all of the stops this year. Players can get in the holiday spirit by earning a Mummy or Vampire mask or collect Jack-o’-Lanterns to earn a special Pumpkinhead mask.

There are also UFO sighting locations that may give clues about GTA 6.

Also added to GTA Online in October are new vehicles, a new Adversary mode, and 2x GTA$ and RP. Unfortunately, a glitch with the Jack-o-‘Lanterns removes all owned weapons from players and forces them to rebuy the guns.

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How to fix GTA Online pumpkin glitch

GTA SanctusRockstar Games
The Sanctus will be a free prime reward to celebrate Halloween.

Reddit user Lrobo04 warned players, “do not pick up any more pumpkins; it has me a pay vote plant trick and took away every weapon I owned and is saying I need to repurchase it.”

The GTA Online player shared a series of screenshots showing every weapon in his weapon wheel disappearing and showing up for purchase at Ammunation.

One player responded, “now that’s a real trick,” and someone responded, “I feel bad for laughing.”

Another user added, “I would open a support ticket. It’s like a 50/50 shot. They do anything.”

Fortunately, someone dealt with the same issue and found a solution. “Same thing happened to me, but a restart fixed it.”

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Other community members confirmed that restarting the game solves any issues. So before you waste all of your GTA$ buying back lost weapons, try restarting the game first.