GTA 6 fans convinced Rockstar is trolling them with “hopeful promise” for 2023

GTA 5 loading screen with GTA 6 logoRockstar Games

GTA 6 fans are skeptical regarding Rockstar’s recent promotional blog teasing the game’s release is trolling the community with false hope.

GTA 6 has been development for what seems like an eternity with no clear end in sight. Players have eagerly waiting, sipping up any leaks and news regarding the brand new entry to the franchise.

But a recent promotional blog has the fans skeptical rather than hopeful, as the community is convinced Rockstar is trolling them.

In the blog, Rockstar states “Every year comes with the hopeful promise that this year will be the year everything finally comes together.

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“Well, 2023 could be that year, so why not start clocking in on that ‘new year, new me’ attitude by taking a spin of the Lucky Wheel for the opportunity to win this week’s grand prize, the HVY Insurgent, an off-road armored vehicle strong enough to take on adversaries and pesky off-road obstacles alike.”

In most other communities, such news would bring gleeful hope and speculation. But the community is remaining incredibly skeptical, as they’ve lost trust in such small teasers. It has been almost nine years since the fifth game’s initial release, and they’ve been burned one too many times.

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“They love pissing us off don’t they,” one Reddit user stated.

“I do think they are intentionally trolling a bit as they sometimes do but I don’t think this means anything concrete,” another fan added.

“At this point I just want to put a bullet in my head and call it a day,” one user, hopefully joking, commented.

“Are you okay?” another asked.

“Depends whether they launch the trailer or not,” they replied.

Hopefully Rockstar will launch a trailer in the immediate future to satisfy the fans that have been waiting for years.