Gran Turismo 7 Roulette Tickets: How to get them & what they do

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After a fat stack of free credits, free car parts, or even a new set of wheels itself? Then learn all about Gran Turismo 7’s Roulette Tickets and the different ways you can acquire them.

Gran Turismo 7 has over 400 cars for you to get a hold of and customize. Needless to say, doing all of this isn’t cheap, so it would be great if the game could throw some tuning and customization parts your way and some extra credits too.

Thankfully, it does! Throughout your time with Gran Turismo 7, developers Polyphony Digital let players accumulate free resources for merely playing the game.


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Playing Gran Turismo 7 naturally will pretty much earn you steady Roulette Tickets.

What are Roulette Tickets in Gran Turismo 7?

Roulette Tickets are great ways to increase your total credits and procure much-needed cars and tuning parts for them. they are completely free to get, meaning you can decrease the total time needed to complete your car collection.

There are different levels of Roulette Tickets too, with 1-Star Tickets offering lesser gifts and 3-Star ones having the potential to give players hundreds of thousands of credits for example!

Once a ticket is redeemed, the game will randomly select one of five advertised rewards that the player gets to keep. To our knowledge, there is no way of fixing it or timing it so that you can get the reward of your choice, it’s up to chance.

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Simply, complete one of these bad boys and earn yourself a shiny Roulette Ticket.

How to earn Roulette Tickets in Gran Turismo 7

There are a couple of very easy methods to earn Roulette Tickets in Gran Turismo 7, and they can send you on your way very quickly, just for playing the game.

Here is each method and what you’ll need to do.

Completing Menu Books

One of the core focuses of the game is the ‘Menu Books’ aspect.

You’re introduced to them pretty much from the get-go in Gran Turismo 7 and they are a true way to progress. By completing a book, whether it’s attaining a podium spot in a Championship or acquiring three specific cars, you’ll be rewarded with a Roulette Ticket.

Completing your Daily Workout

Every 24 hours of real-time you have the opportunity to get your miles in and participate in the ‘Daily Workout.’ This requires players to simply drive 26.219 miles in a single day, and whilst it sounds like a lot, it’s practically negligible in the grand scheme of things.

A couple of races or so should easily see you through to this total, and, again, it will reward you with a Roulette Ticket.

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