Gran Turismo 7: Release date, trailer, details, more

by Daniel Cleary


Polyphony Digital has finally confirmed that Gran Turismo 7 is in the works after revealing a look at their new title during Sony‘s Playstation 5 event on June 11.

Gran Turismo is returning with a new release, after many years of speculation and rumors, which will be designed with the impressive next-gen console’s capabilities in mind.

During Sony’s Playstation 5 reveal, a brand new trailer was shared, highlighting some of the game’s upcoming features and leaving much for fans of the popular series to unpack. Here’s everything we know about Gran Turismo 7 so far.


Polyphony Digital
Campaign mode is making a return in Gran Turismo 7.

Gran Turismo 7 Career mode and features

Before the new trailer went live, GT founder Kazunori Yamauchi revealed that Career mode will be returning in their upcoming title, for the first time since 2013, and added that it should make fans of the high-octane racing series "very happy".

“Today I would like to share with everyone some information about the new Gran Turismo that we are very excited about," he added, "I think this new Gran Turismo should make fans very happy, especially with the campaign mode. It should be something fun to look forward to.”


Along with Career mode, the new trailer shared an early look at a ton of new features coming to GT7's gameplay experience such as the return of the fan-favorite Trial Mountain circuit, which has been altered with a longer back straight, following its absence in Gran Turismo Sport.

Polyphony Digital
The Trial Mountain Circuit and Career mode are returning in Gran Turismo 7.

Following some of the other announcements made at the Ps5 event, players will likely be able to “sense” the other drivers and “feel” the road better than before with the PS5's 3D audio and the controller’s haptic feedback features.

Gran Turismo 7 PS5 trailer

The trailer itself featured a look at the new and improved GT town as well as some of the in-game engine footage, highlighting some of the jaw-dropping environments and visuals that GT7 has to offer.


More features such as vehicle tuning, used car dealers, and some impressive new vehicles have also been included in the announcement trailer, which has left fans with a lot of hype for the upcoming Ps5 release.

You can watch the full Gran Turismo 7 announcement trailer below.

When will Gran Turismo 7 be released?

As Gran Turismo Sport's release was back in 2017, racing fans have been itching for a new title to get their hands on, however, the exact date of GT7 has not yet been revealed by Sony or Polyphony Digital.


With the Playstation 5 expected to launch in the 2020 Holiday season, it is expected that the new sim-racing game would be released around then or a short while after.

As this is just Gran Turismo 7's announcement trailer, it is likely that the exact date, along with more information on the new game, will be released in the coming months.