Gotham Knights: Robin Skill Tree explained

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Gotham Knights features different Skill Trees for Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood. You’ll need to master them all to make your Knight a powerful hero. Here is Robin’s Skill Tree explained in Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights is here and you can’t save Gotham City on your own. Over the course of the game, you’ll unlock new suits – but your hero will need some serious upgrades too.

It won’t be long before you discover that each hero has their own Skill Tree, which will grant you several abilities for the heat of battle.

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With four heroes to choose from, Robin is a superb stealth beast. Here’s everything you need to know about Robin’s Skill Tree.


Gotham Knights: Robin’s Skill Tree upgrades

Tim Drake aka Robin could become your favorite Knight to play as. Armed with lightning-fast reflexes and a devastating staff, Robin can defeat an onslaught of enemies.

Robin’s Skill Tree is divided into four sections: SluggerShadowTinkering and Knighthood. You’ll also need to grind for Ability Points, which are gained through completing sidequests, crimes, and the story.

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Gotham Knights: Robin Slugger Skill Tree

UpgradeSlugger Skill TreeAbility Point Cost
Perfect EvadeRobin performs a perfectly timed evade that generates Momentum and allows for a Perfect Attack follow-up1 AP
Critical ExpertiseIncreases Robin’s critical damage by 20%1 AP
Elemental DecoyWhen attacked, Robin’s decoy inflicts a large amount of Elemental Effect damage on the attacking enemy1 AP
Back Damage +Robin deals 20% more damage when attacking enemies from behind2 AP
Precise StrikesIncreases Nightwing’s chance of landing a Critical hit by 10%2 AP
Exploding DecoyRobin’s decoy explodes leaving behind elemental residue that deals elemental effect damage to any enemy that walks into it2 AP
Elemental FocusRobin’s critical damage and chance of landing a critical hit increases by 20% on targets with an active elemental effect3 AP

Gotham Knights: Robin Shadow Skill Tree

UpgradeShadow Skill TreeAbility Point Cost
Light FootedRobin produces no sound while running and moves faster while crouched (does not apply while sprinting)1 AP
Stealth Damage +Robin’s melee and ranged attack damage is increased by 10% while undetected. Robin’s takedown and stealth strike damage is increased by 20% when undetected1 AP
Turnabout TakedownRobin can perform takedowns and stealth strikes on large enemies3 AP
Vantage Hanging TakedownRobin can perform a special takedown that suspends enemies from a vantage point1 AP
Reduced Visual StimRobin is harder to spot and enemies take longer to notice him2 AP
Vantage Hanging Takedown MinePerforming a vantage hanging takedown also drops a proximity mine that lures enemies2 AP
Shadow RenewalSuccessful takedowns restore 25% of Robin’s health2 AP

Gotham Knights: Robin Tinkering Skill Tree

UpgradeTinkering Skill TreeAbility Point Cost
Elemental ChargeElemental effect build-up inflicted by Robin is increased 25% faster1 AP
Sticky PelletIn precision aim, Robin’s pellet can stick to surfaces, creating a temporary mine. Placing a second mine deactivates the first.1 AP
Sticky Pellets X3Robin can place up to 3 sticky pellets at once2 AP
Enhanced Sticky PelletsSticky Pellets inflict 33% more damage and last up to 10 seconds2 AP
Elemental ResistanceRobin’s elemental effect resistance increases by 40%2 AP
Elemental BurstWhen Robin deals elemental damage, he gains a 5% chance of dealing additional elemental damage in an area. Elemental burst also reduces enemies’ elemental effect resistance by 50% for 10 seconds2 AP
Enhanced Elemental EffectsElemental effects inflicted by Robin last twice as long2 AP

Gotham Knights: Knighthood Skill Tree

UpgradeKnighthood Skill TreeAbility Point Cost
SlidewaysRobin activates and enters a temporary portal, which he can use to relocate to a new position.Unlocked through the Knighthood questline
Stealth Takedown +Performing a takedown increases Robin’s damage, critical chance, defense, and elemental build up for 15 seconds 1 AP
Aerial Attack SmokeRobin’s aerial attacks are followed by a small cloud of smoke, allowing him to re-enter stealth1 AP
Microbots Cooldown ReductionRobin’s Microbots ability cooldown is reduced by 20%, allowing Robin to call them more often1 AP
Combat ExperienceIncreases the number of attacks in Robin’s melee combo by 1. The last hit is a knockdown2 AP
Slideways TakedownRobin opens a small portal and pulls an enemy through it to perform a takedown (not applicable on bosses). In AR Mode, hold ranged attack while aiming at an enemy. Must be in stealth and in an unobstructed space2 AP
Microbot Target +Robin improved the particle accelerator in the microbots’ core engine. He can now call five microbots instead of three2 AP

And there you have it – that is Robin’s Skill Tree explained. For more about the game, be sure to check some other tips and guides:

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