Gotham Knights devs explain how the Bat-family reunited

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The Gotham Knights members.

The Gotham Knights developers explained how each of the members of the Bat-family reunited in the game.

Gotham Knights is set to be the most unique Batman game we have seen in quite a while. Although most of the beloved Arkham games place the player in Bruce Wayne’s shoes, Gotham Knights has removed Batman as a playable character.

Instead, it will be on his proteges to take up the mantle left behind by the Caped Crusader to defeat the evildoers that continue to infest Gotham City.

Recently, Gotham Knights’ developers explained how each character is related to the Dark Knight and how they found their way back to the Bat-family.

How did the Bat-family reassemble for Gotham Knights?

Gotham Knights gave fans a look at Red Hood's backstory.
Gotham Knights gave fans a look at Red Hood’s backstory.

In an interview with Game Informer, Gotham Knights executive producer Fleur Marty and game director Geoff Ellenor discussed topics from the alternate suits, missions, and co-op mode.

Most interestingly, though, the two gave a peek into why each member of the Gotham Knights returned to the Bat-family fold.

The game is set after the death of Bruce Wayne, with all four of his former wards returning to take up the mantle of Batman together. But each is distinct from the others in terms of abilities, fighting style, and personality.

Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing, is revealed to be the oldest of the Gotham Knights and “didn’t leave off on the best of terms,” with Bruce Wayne, according to Fleur. A big part of his story arc will be dealing with both the loss of his mentor and the guilt for how things ended.

Gotham Knights has a heavy backstory for each member.
Gotham Knights has a heavy backstory for each member.

By contrast, Tim Drake’s Robin is “quite a young character,” so he is dealing with Wayne’s death very differently from the other Knights who have more experience.

Finally, Jason Todd, the Red Hood of the series, was revealed to be “the most distant” of the Gotham Knights crew. Ellenor also revealed that Red Hood was recently murdered and resurrected, which makes him more of a mystical character.

While the two didn’t give much insight into Batgirl, aka Barbara Gordon, it would make sense that she would have her own motivations for joining the crew and is dealing with Wayne’s death in her own way.

All of these unique motivations will let players see an important aspect of the game, according to Ellenor: “how they take on Batman’s job and learn how to get along together.”

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