Goldeneye HD remaster set for imminent release on Xbox

. 1 month ago
james bond running from explosion in goldeneye 007

Fresh reports indicate that not only is the Goldeneye HD remaster official, but it could also be set to drop any day now. Xbox Achievements have appeared for the classic N64 shooter, convincing players that its release could be soon.

Goldeneye HD’s status is undoubtedly legendary and the classic first-person shooter title is not only, arguably, the best-ever game adaptation of a film, but it’s still considered to be the game that got the multiplayer FPS ball rolling.

It was rumored a while back that Goldeneye was set for a HD remaster of the original game, all spruced up with snazzier visuals. Now, we have official confirmation of the game’s Xbox Achievements and this is a surefire sign that the remaster is preparing to launch on the Xbox store.

james bond battling against enemies in Goldeneye 007 N64
For all of its innovation and entertainment value, its place in history is well-deserved.

Goldeneye HD remaster Xbox-bound with full Achievements

Developers Rare truly broke new ground when they created Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64. Expected to be an underwhelming flop, Goldeneye stunned everyone, especially reviewers, who universally declared it to be an all-time great video game.

This is why news of a Goldeneye 007 remaster got fans excited, as they’d not only get to replay the brilliant campaign again but could hop into some online multiplayer and local co-op carnage at home like the good ol’ days!

Wario64 is a notable leaker within the gaming community and they recently posted a Tweet showing the full extent of the Goldeneye HD remaster Achievement list.

The list features 55 optional objectives for players to complete, although some are compulsory if you want to finish the game such as completing each mission.

Without Goldeneye 007, Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, etc, might not have happened, and even though it may not be as fluid and as cohesive as modern-day FPS titles, its cultural and historical significance can never be overlooked.

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